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Moments and Memories of WHS

(This article first appeared in The Mountain Eagle in May 1955.)

The senior class program of Whitesburg High School was held in the grade school auditorium on Wednesday morning at 9 o’clock. The program included:

Comrades — song by senior class

Address by President-Cooperation of Students — Jimmy Paul Enlow

Class History — Kaye Combs Moore and Windus Dean Franklin

Auld Lang Syne — Seniors.

Stormy Weather — Ann Cox.

Class Prophecy— Shirley Davis and Mickey Bowen

We Are Weary — Mixed Chorus

Instrumental Music — Bert Francis and A.C. Kiser

Last Will and Testament — Elizabeth Blair and John Morris Stallard

Vive La Senior Class — Seniors, Special Music by Band Ensemble featuring Johnny Doyle with his Saxophone.

Following the program, the following awards and recognitions were made:

English Award: Doris Jean Banks — Presented by Miss Raleigh

Science: Mickey Bowen — Presented by Mr. Banks

Mathematics: Don Collins — Presented by Mr. Banks

Social Science: Phyllis Stamper — Presented by Jim Boyd

Commerce: Bobbie Hamilton — Presented by Miss Jenkins

Memories of WHS

Speech: Bert Bach — Presented by Mrs. W.B. Hall

Solo and Music: Ann Cox and Gail Potter — Presented by Mr. Adams

Glee Club: Kay Moore — Presented by Mr. Adams

Senior Athlete of the Year: Buddy Fields — Presented by Ray Pigman

Band: Bert Francis — Presented by Mr. Adams

Valedictorian: Bert Francis — Presented by Mr. Boggs

Salutatorian: Doris Jean Banks — Presented by Mr. Boggs

Recognition was given to the upper 12 in academic standing: Bert Francis, Doris Jean Banks, Elizabeth Blair, Morris Stallard, Shirley Davis, Kay Moore, Windus Franklin, Mickey Bowen, Pracilla Caudill, Don Collins, Bert Bach, and James Meade.

Recognition of Seniors who had received special honors during the year: Athletics: Buddy Fields, Wilgus Sexton, John Caudill, Jimmie Enlow, Cecil Barnes, Berkie Holbrook, Bert Bach, Donald Ison. English and Dramatics: Doris Jean Banks, Maurice Moore, Bert Francis. Dramatics: Bert Bach, Berkie Holbrook, Cecil Barns, Jimmie Enlow, Peggy Joan Yonts, and Harold Gene Collier.

Those receiving recognition in music were Chorus: Maurice Moore, Larry Craft, Kay Moore, Arlayne Collins, Jimmie Giles, Mickey Bowen, Cecil Barnes, Windus Franklin. Band: Gail Potter, Eva Lou Everidge, R. T. Holbrook, Bert Francis.

Mr. Enlow then presented a Field and Track Trophy to W.H.S., which was accepted by Mr. Kendall Boggs, Principal.

Other seniors receiving awards were: Peggy Joan Yonts — Homemaker of Tomorrow; Maurice Moore and Kay Moore — Kentucky High School Press Association Award.

Bert Francis — $200 Scholarship to Union College;

Bert Francis — Readers Digest Award;

Aarbadella Pigman, Ann Cox, Ardath Polly,

Cheer Leaders Award (Sweaters); Harris Award — made by Mrs. Stephen Combs, Jr., was received by Cecil Barns;

Business and Professional Woman’s Club Award — made by the President of the Club, Patsy Ann Fields, went to Kay Moore for High Standards.

Approximately 60 perfect attendance awards were given.

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