Whitesburg KY

Moments in Time



• On Aug. 11, 1856, a hurricane hits Isle Derniere, a resort community on the Louisiana coast, killing more than 400 people. The storm first brought blinding and torrential rain, then storm surges and finally a tidal wave. Upward of 150 people were carried off with the wave, with some bodies ending up 6 miles away.

• On Aug. 6, 1890, at Auburn Prison in New York, the first execution in history by electrocution is carried out against William Kemmler. It didn’t go as planned. With the first charge, the current failed. A second charge was required for two minutes before Kemmler was declared deceased.

• On Aug. 7, 1944, under the threat of Allied bombing during World War II, the German car manufacturer Volkswagen halts production of the “Beetle.” Volkswagen, under the control of the British military, began turning out Beetles again in December 1945.

• On Aug. 5, 1957, rock ‘n’ roll television show “American Bandstand” goes national with teens dancing and rating records on a scale from 35 to 98. The show was broadcast from Philadelphia to 67 ABC affiliates across the country. Dick Clark was host, a slot he held for 27 years.

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