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Moments in Time



• On Nov. 12, 1799, Andrew Ellicott Douglass, an early American astronomer born in Vermont, witnesses the Leonids meteor shower from a ship off the Florida Keys. Douglass’ journal entry is the first known record of a meteor shower in North America.

• On Nov. 17, 1869, the Suez Canal, connecting the Mediterranean and the Red seas, is opened. The canal was only 25 feet deep, 72 feet wide at the bottom, and 200 to 300 feet wide at the surface. Fewer than 500 ships navigated it in its first full year of operation.

• On Nov. 16, 1907, Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory enter the United States as Oklahoma, the 46th state. Oklahoma initially prospered as an agricultural state, but the drought years of the 1930s made the state part of the Dust Bowl.

• On Nov. 14, 1941, “Suspicion,” a romantic thriller starring Cary Grant and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, makes its debut. The film marked the first time that Grant, a Hollywood leading man, and Hitchcock, one of the greatest directors in movie history, worked together.

• On Nov. 15, 1957, Nikita Khrushchev challenges United States to a missile “shooting match,” claiming that the Soviet Union had missile superiority over the United States. He also claimed that the United States did not have intercontinental ballistic rockets; “If she had,” the Russian leader sneered, “she would have launched her own sputnik [satellite].”

• On Nov. 13, 1969, in Washington, protesters stage a symbolic “March Against Death” with more than 45,000 participants, each with a placard bearing the name of a soldier who had died in Vietnam. The march lasted for two days and two nights. President Richard Nixon was deeply angered by the protests, but publicly feigned indifference.

• On Nov. 11, 1973, the Soviet Union announces that, because of its opposition to the overthrow of the government of Chilean President Allende, it would not play a World Cup Soccer match against the Chilean team. It was the first time in the history of World Cup Soccer that a team had boycotted over political issues.

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