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Moments in Time



Dina shared a rare moment when Dina recognized her daughter, and after witnessing Traci’s bittersweet joy, Jack found himself regretting his actions and apologized to his mother. Hilary and Devon also celebrated the holiday, growing closer as they imagined their future Mother’s Days together. They also began to come together in a romantic way, sharing flirty dances and close moments. Nick remained focused on bringing JT to justice, and Phyllis was horrified when she discovered that he’s been monitoring police scanners for news. Things got worse when an alert came through that JT’s phone had been turned on, and Nick immediately leapt into action. Nick and Sharon continued their new friends with benefits situation, but they struggled to keep it quiet when others began to suspect that something has changed between them.

THIS WEEK: Abby opened up to Arturo about her messy history with men. The two almost shared a kiss, but Abby quickly shut it down, realizing that it’s not the right time or place.

• On May 18, 1861, an obscure California newspaper casts first lady Mary Todd Lincoln in an unflattering light, saying she took it upon herself to appoint a stranger — Mr. W.S. Wood — to any office he desired. The reporter suggested that she had been smitten with Mr. Wood’s handsome features, luxuriant whiskers and graceful carriage.

• On May 14, 1916, a lead article in the Times of London proclaims that an insufficiency of munitions is leading to defeat for Britain on the battlefields of World War I. It sparked a crisis on the home front, forcing the government to create a Ministry of Munitions.

• On May 19, 1935, T.E. Lawrence, known to the world as Lawrence of Arabia, dies as a retired Royal Air Force mechanic living in a simple cottage under an assumed name. The legendary war hero, author and archaeological scholar succumbed to injuries suffered in a recent motorcycle accident.

• On May 15, 1942, Lt. Ronald Reagan, a cavalry officer, applies for reassignment to the Army Air Force. The actor and future president was assigned as a public-relations officer for the First Motion Picture Unit.

• On May 20, 1956, the United States conducts the first airborne test of an improved hydrogen bomb, dropping it from a plane over the tiny island of Namu in the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

• On May 16, 1964, Mary Wells gives Motown Records its first No. 1 hit with “My Guy.” It would go on to release 32 more No. 1 hits in the next 10 years.

• On May 17, 1973, in Washington, D.C., a Senate committee begins televised hearings on the escalating Watergate scandal. Former White House legal counsel John Dean testified that President Richard Nixon had been aware of the cover-up of the Watergate break-in.

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