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Moments in Time



• On Sept. 7, 1776, during the Revolutionary War, the American submersible craft Turtle attempts to attach a time bomb to the hull of British Admiral Richard Howe’s flagship Eagle in New York Harbor. The Turtle was an 8-foot-long wooden submersible with lead ballast for balance.

• On Sept. 3, 1783, the American Revolution officially comes to an end when representatives of the United States, Great Britain, Spain and France sign the Treaty of Paris. The signing established the boundaries of America from Florida to the Great Lakes and the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi River.

• On Sept. 4, 1957, the Ford Motor Company unveils the Edsel. The car had a distinctive look, but not in a good way to many people. The big impact ring in the middle of its front grille looked (one reporter said) like “a Pontiac pushing a toilet seat.”

• On Sept. 9, 1967, Sgt. Duane D. Hackney is presented with the Air Force Cross for bravery in rescuing a USAF pilot in Vietnam. He was the first living Air Force enlisted man to receive the award.

• On Sept. 5, 1972, Arab terrorists known as Black September take Israeli athletes hostage at the Olympic village in Munich, Germany. Twenty hours later following a German ambush, 11 Israeli athletes, 5 Palestinian terrorists and a police official lay dead.

• On Sept. 6, 1995, Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken Jr. plays in his 2,131st consecutive game. Ripken went on to play 2,632 games in a row before voluntarily removing himself from a game on Sept. 19, 1998.

• On Sept. 8, 2003, the Recording Industry Association of America begins suing individual sharers of copyrighted mp3 songs, some of whom are children. In the first 20 months, the RIAA sued over 11,000 people.

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