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Moments in time



+ On June 22, 1611, after spending a winter trapped by ice in present-day Hudson Bay, the starving crew of the Discovery mutinies against its captain, English navigator Henry Hudson, and sets him, his teenage son and seven supporters adrift in a small, open boat. Hudson and the eight others were never seen again.

+ On June 19, 1885, the Statue of Liberty, a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States, arrives in New York City’s harbor. Originally known as “Liberty Enlightening the World,” the statue commemorated the Franco-American alliance during the American Revolution.

+ On June 24, 1928, the rocket-powered Opel RAK 3 debuts on a section of railroad track near Hanover, Germany, and records a rail-speed record of 157 mph on its first run. The result of a rather odd experiment, the RAK 3 carried a caged cat as its driver. Tragically, on the car’s second run, too many of its rockets fired at once and the car crashed, killing its feline pilot.

+ On June 21, 1956, playwright Arthur Miller defies the House Committee on Un-American Activities and refuses to name suspected communists. Miller’s defiance of McCarthyism won him a conviction for contempt of court, which was later reversed by the Supreme Court.

+ On June 20, 1977, with a flip of a switch in Prudhoe Bay, crude oil from the nation’s largest oil field begins flowing south down the trans-Alaska pipeline to the ice-free port of Valdez, Alaska. The steel pipeline, 48 inches in diameter, winds through 800 miles of Alaskan wilderness, crossing three Arctic mountain ranges and hundreds of rivers and streams.

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