Whitesburg KY

Moments in time



• On Feb. 1, 1884, the first portion of the Oxford English Dictionary is published. Today, at a whopping 20 volumes weighing more than 137 pounds, it would reportedly take one person 120 years to type all 59 million words in the OED.

• On Jan. 31, 1923, novelist Norman Mailer is born in Long Branch, N.J. In 1948 he wrote his first novel, “The Naked and the Dead,” based on his own experiences in the Army during World War II. The book became a popular and critical success.

• On Jan. 29, 1936, the U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame elects its first members in Cooperstown, N.Y.: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Matthewson and Walter Johnson. It has elected 278 individuals in all, including 225 players, 17 managers, 8 umpires and 28 executives and pioneers.

• On Jan. 30, 1969, perhaps the most influential musical group of all time, the Beatles, make their last public performance, giving an impromptu concert on the roof of their London recording studio.

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