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Moments in time



• On Nov. 28, 1582, William Shakespeare, 18, and Anne Hathaway, 26, pay a 40-pound bond for their marriage license in Stratford-upon-Avon. Six months later, Anne gives birth to their daughter, Susanna, and two years later, to twins.

• On Nov. 27, 1868, Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer leads an early-morning attack on a band of Cheyenne in Oklahoma. Custer did not attempt to identify the group of Cheyenne, or to make even a cursory reconnaissance. Had he done so, he would have discovered that they were peaceful people and the village was on reservation soil.

• On Nov. 26, 1922, in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, British archaeologists become the first souls to enter King Tutankhamen’s tomb in more than 3,000 years. Inside were several thousand priceless objects, including a gold coffin containing the mummy of the teenage king.

• On Nov. 29, 1942, coffee joins the list of items rationed in the United States during World War II. Butter, sugar and milk had been rationed earlier. By the end of the year, cars were limited to 3 gallons of gas per week.

• On Nov. 23, 1966, Elvis Presley’s 22nd film, “Spinout,” in which Elvis played a singing race car driver, opens in theaters.

• On Nov. 24, 1971, a hijacker calling himself D.B. Cooper parachutes from a Northwest Orient Airlines 727 into a raging thunderstorm over Washington state. He had $200,000 in ransom money and was wearing only wraparound sunglasses, a thin suit and a raincoat. No trace of Cooper was ever found, but in 1980 a child found $5,880 of the ransom money.

• On Nov. 25, 1990, after a howling wind and rainstorm on Thanksgiving Day, Washington state’s historic floating Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge slowly breaks apart and sinks to the bottom of Lake Washington. News crews captured the whole thing on camera.

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