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Moments in time



• On Feb. 24, 1786, Wilhelm Karl Grimm, the younger of the two Brothers Grimm, is born in Germany. The Grimm collection of folk and fairy tales includes “Hansel and Gretel” and “Little Red Riding Hood.”

• On Feb. 25, 1862, the U.S. Congress passes the Legal Tender Act, authorizing paper notes to pay the government’s bills. It ended the long-standing policy of using only gold or silver in transactions.

• On Feb. 26, 1919, the Grand Canyon National Park is established. The chasm, home to more than 1,500 plant and 500 animal species, is more than a mile deep, and 15 miles across at its widest point.

• On Feb. 22, 1959, Lee Petty edges Johnny Beauchamp in a photo finish to win the first-ever Daytona 500 in Florida. Beauchamp was initially named the winner, until Petty challenged the results using news photos.

• On Feb. 27, 1964, the Italian government begins accepting suggestions on how to save the Leaning Tower of Pisa from collapse. The top of the 180-foot tower was hanging 17 feet south of the base. The tower’s lean is caused by the remains of an ancient river estuary under the building.

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