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Moments in time



• On June 16, 1738, Patriot printer, publisher and postmistress Mary Katharine Goddard is born in New London, Connecticut. In 1777, when Congress decided to print the Declaration of Independence, they chose Mary Goddard as printer.

• On June 15, 1877, Henry Ossian Flipper, born a slave in Georgia in 1856, is the first African-American cadet to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Flipper was appointed a second lieutenant in the all-African American 10th Cavalry at Fort Sill.

• On June 19, 1917, during World War I, as a strong anti- German feeling within Britain causes sensitivity among the royal family about its German roots, King George V orders the British royal family to dispense with German surnames. He changed his own family’s surname from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor.

• On June 18, 1923, the first Checker Cab rolls off the line at the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan. America’s version of the London taxi would continue to be built until 1982.

• On June 14, 1968, a Federal District Court jury in Boston convicts Dr. Benjamin Spock of conspiring to violate the Selective Service Act. Spock, a doctor and the famous author of “The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care,” supported draft resistance during the Vietnam War.

• On June 17, 1972, five men are arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Senate investigations eventually revealed that President Richard Nixon had been personally involved in the subsequent cover-up of the break-in.

• On June 20, 1980, in a match in Montreal, Roberto Duran outpoints “Sugar” Ray Leonard to win the welterweight title. Yet, five months later in a rematch, with less than 30 seconds left in the eighth round, Duran looked at the referee and famously uttered the words “no mas” or “no more,” giving up.

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