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Moments In Time



• On March 28, 1814, the funeral of Guillotin, the inventor and namesake of the infamous execution device, takes place outside of Paris. Guillotin had built the guillotine to show the intellectual and social progress of the Revolution; by killing aristocrats and journeymen the same way, equality in death was ensured.

• On March 23, 1839, the initials “O.K.” are first published, in The Boston Morning Post. Meant as an abbreviation for “oll correct,” a popular slang misspelling of “all correct” at the time, OK steadily made its way into the everyday speech of Americans.

• On March 22, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt signs the Beer and Wine Revenue Act. This law levies a federal tax on all alcoholic beverages to raise revenue for the federal government and gives individual states the option to further regulate the sale and distribution of beer and wine.

• On March 24, 1945, Billboard publishes its first pop-music chart for albums. The first No. 1 album was Nat King Cole’s “King Cole Trio.” Billboard had been publishing charts for single records since 1940.

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