Whitesburg KY

Money stolen from church

Bach Court

Well, I’m ashamed of whoever stole the jug of money from Harvest Baptist Church. What is this world coming to?

I’m not judging, but I’m going to guess it was someone on drugs. I would be afraid that God would strike me dead, but someone on drugs worries about their habits. The DA came out with the new drug, Suboxone, and it’s supposed to get people off of drugs, and I think it’s corrupted most of the people.

I’ve never heard of so many people abusing it. Shooting it up. I think instead of helping people, it’s made them worse.

But whoever did take the jug of money, would you at least bring the jug back, and hopefully it was spent on food and not drugs. You are being prayed for, whoever you are.

I visited Betty Jo Taylor at Bach Court and helped her plant some marigolds. Bertha Day came out and talked with us for a while.

Wilma Ritchie and Venetta Roark have been playing cards at the gazebo every evening.

Myself, Lydia Hall and Estill Taylor have been walking in the evenings.

Happy birthday to everyone having a birthday or who has had one, Luther Tackett, May 1; Laken Baker, April 28; Mary Ison, May? Happy birthday.

Get well soon, Brenda Collins.

I went with Lydia Hall and Estill Taylor to Millstone Baptist Church, and the Singing Cooks were there and as always, they were great. They’re my favorite singing group.

Until next week, God bless.

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