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Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Monsoon season hit Bardstown

Hello to all and I am sorry I have been away so long. It has been very busy here and tons of things have happened and I missed getting it out there. Between working and kids and life in general and a computer that didn’t want to cooperate, as well.

We’ve had lots happening in Bardstown and in outlying towns — car wrecks, thefts and a murder in Loretto.

I would like to begin with current issues, such as the flooding around the area. We had rain and storms and tornado warnings and in between the drizzle and the tornado warnings we had downpours of what seemed to be never-ending rains. It was as if monsoon season was upon us and we are nowhere near a rain forest.

Howie and I drove to Radcliff a couple of weeks ago and the water was getting up to the BG. I would like to note for future reference, everyone up here refers to the Bluegrass Parkway as the BG. Water was deep and muddy and everything between here and Elizabethtown, or “E-town” was flooded. Luckily this was still amidst the rains and the water hadn’t gotten up into the roads yet in that area.

Nelson County Schools closed for one day during the flooding due to dangerous water levels on some of the roadways outside the city limits.

The last day of school for Bardstown City schools is June 8. The kids aren’t starting to get into the excited mode as of yet, there is still a month to go with the exception of the upcoming election and holidays.

We’ve had several tourists in the area that we’ve encountered just by getting out of the house. They all seem rather friendly and it isn’t peak season as of yet, however you see your occasional person with a city map stepping out into the middle of traffic on N. Third Street because they are so engrossed in their map and the activities that are currently going on.

In April the Whiskey City Cruisers began putting on their car shows that take place at the Nelson County Justice Center in the parking lot of the sheriff ’s office and the new courthouse. The old courthouse is now a visitors’ center in the middle of Court Square.

Tower Automotive had more layoffs about two months ago. They dropped in production after the Japan earthquakes, as did most of the automotive factories in the area. NPR (Nipon Piston Rings) will be doing a two-week shutdown in June as is the norm in these types of factories. Although they, too, suffered from the loss of the Japan-based NPR factory, there is another opening in Alabama next month and the pace will pick up in the Kentucky facility.

I would like to send out happy birthdays to Hassell Hampton and Teddy Sturgill, both of Eolia. They have birthdays on May 16 and May 18.

Also happy birthday to Julie Rummage on May 15, Amy Engle, formerly of Eolia, on May 16, Mary Brock Gibson of Whitesburg, May 19, and Alicia Scott Simpson, May 26.

Belated birthday wishes to my little brother, Chad Stidham, of Whitesburg, and yes I am aware he isn’t all that little anymore. He celebrated May 8. Also to my cousin Abbey Hampton Chapman, May 1.

The weather has been really nice this week, and my days are spent hearing the whirr of lawnmowers and loving the smell of fresh cut grass. The girls and I have plans for the flowerbeds this year. We actually have a good one already in progress from previous occupants of the townhouse. Our neighbor Kacky has also been teaching Jerrica and Bradi how to plant them by showing them the bed she re-plants every year. She also shared bulbs with us last summer and fall.

We are planning lots of backyard entertaining as well as spending time outdoors since it is fenced in and the kids can play without worry of strange dogs wandering into the yard as has happened in previous years. Most of the time they’re apprehended by the dog warden living within city limits.

My friend Kathy Beavers still needs prayers as she was diagnosed with colon cancer just before Christmas and had surgery with chemo to follow. She is at home with her husband Jr. and says she is feeling better.

Also on the prayer request list this week: June Clark, Latona Owens, Joann Brown, Sharon Smith, Renee Williams, Rachel Sturgill,

Barry Adams, Yvonne Mullins, Becky Gordon and her kids and Rhonda Willett and her family.

I want to also announce that our neighbors Candice ‘Kacky’ Lewis and John Tingle are getting married Sept. 10.

Tracy Cissell is expecting her first baby and is due in November. She is assistant manager at our local Long John Silvers/A&W Root Beer restaurant. She and her fiancé Andy Cole are very excited.

I suppose that is all the news for this week. Blessings to all and stay safe during these thunderstorms and tornado weather.

I wanted to add a happy birthday to Howie’s nephews, Ryan and Wayne, who had their fourth birthday on May 17.

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