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Moon shines from back to front of house

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Hello everyone! As I sit by my living room window, I can see between my venetian blinds. The moon is so full and beautiful.

I am always amazed as early in the evening as the moon starts to show its light, it is in the back of my house. If I am awake, in the wee hours of the morning, it is at the side of my house. Then I can sit at my favorite place when I am fooling with the computer, I can observe it in wee hours of the morning as it slowly fades out of sight.

I sit quietly, thanking God for vision, and marveling at such things that are free.

Once again someone has messed with the time, as we lose an hour of sleep in the spring, gain an hour in the fall. I wish time could be left alone. I don’t re- member things being like this when I was young. Technology has come so far, as so many have decided to become God.

I really am glad that times aren’t as hard in bygone years, but I do think we have been pushed to the extreme to accept.

Beechwood High School Winter Guard is in their final competition, and my granddaughter Katelyn Nottingham is in this group. Saturday afternoon my daughter Anna Nottingham, Sarah Nottingham and I attended Winter Guard in Milford.



This is the first one that I’ve been able to attend this term. I love to watch all the competition as the routines are so different and so are the attires the teams wear.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to attend an activity such as this through any school program you have missed something special.

I feel the same way with Beechwood Marching Band competition. A few years ago when bands from different counties close to home in the mountains competed, although I knew not a single student my heart filled with pride.

Each time I am at any event I am so proud of my grandchildren.

March 8, my daughter Kay and Clarence Gray celebrated their 40th anniversary. When I think of the last 40 years, it is amazing what these two have accomplished, as they started with nothing at a very young age.

The old saying ‘not a pot to pee, in nor a window to throw it out,’ sure holds true for these two, but now they have a lucrative construction business here locally, a mansion of a home in Destin, Fla., and the home they live in is a mansion of its own.

Kay is forever adding something to their home. How I wish I had what she has given away. They have a beautiful fireplace they are getting ready to tear down to build a porch. I am tempted to see if it can anyway be dismantled, and if so have my son Keith to put it in my backyard.

Kay and Clarence are in the process of putting the house in Destin up for sale, as they aren’t spending much time there anymore. They still have to pay for landscaping, and utility bills.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s daughter Sue Wagner was doing all right with the liver transplant, but developed complications. The surgeons have performed three surgeries since original surgery. Saturday evening Sue was in surgery for about five hours once again.

The doctors seem to think that everything will be all right. At least the liver is not being affected with these other problems that are happening. It is so hard on Johnny and Ann as they aren’t able to be there during all that is going on.

Please keep the Calihan family in your prayers as Sue will have a long road ahead of her.

The square dance at Carcassonne Community Center will be March 14, and this is something that I have looked forward to since November.

I made plans to be at the first dance, even though I am not able to participate as yet.

Oops, just as I am writing this paragraph, it says on the television that leisure activities, like walking, swimming, and dancing, help older people’s brains to stay large, instead of shrinking. You just never know who may show up at Carcassonne!

For the past couple of weeks my stomach issues, along with my ankle, have been giving me quite a bit of trouble. So again my favorite activity may have to just go on without me.

I’m sorry to say that I feel more resentment every day against the doctor who damaged the nerves in my stomach as I can’t even keep water down early in the morning, which means at the present time I am getting dehydrated. Another trip to ER for IV fluid may be in the works. With my veins that is really painful as they can’t find them.

Yesterday morning I said to Keith that if I didn’t hate to go to jail, I would make an appointment with the doctor that damaged the nerves in my stomach, and I would punch him in the nose, except I know that wouldn’t solve anything. Still a good thought after what I’ve gone through.

Plus the idiot in Jackson that had her nose in a cell phone that caused me to T-bone her.

Once again as I sit here writing about both of these things that has happened and wonder why me? I try to muster up good thoughts that I have recovered enough from both incidents, that I am not on a feeding tube, even more grateful, and I am getting able to walk without too much pain, even with the swelling of my ankle.

I can get in my car and drive without asking anyone to do for me. Oh yes even though I am very bitter, I still thank God for all I can do.

Hello Les and Pat Wagner and all the family that read The Mountain Eagle.

What do you think of this coronavirus that is taking over everywhere? We are living in some bad times. From what I understand, this coronavirus is really dangerous for the elderly.

It isn’t bad enough with things happening to our children as you can’t trust medical workers, preachers, teachers or anyone without children being molested even being bullied by other students, now health scares.

Well, before I find something else to complain about.

Carcassonne Community Center square dance is March 14. Food is available so go hungry and then enjoy the dance.

Hello Mike and Marcia Caudill. Please dance a set for me.

Campbell’s Branch Community Center will feature Kentucky Bluegrass Friends who will be performing on the second Friday of each month, as Sunrise Ridge will on be performing the fifthth Friday and that isn’t often. Food is served at Campbell’s Branch each Friday night.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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