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More candidates file to run for offices

As the new year begins and time starts to run out for candidates to announce for the May primary election, more people have been picking up papers and filing them in the Letcher County Clerk’s office.

All county offices are up for election this year. The deadline for filing for races in the primary is January 30. The primary will be held May 22.

At least three county officials have announced retirement or have already retired, leaving the offices of sheriff, jailer and circuit clerk up for grabs. At least two magistrates have said they don’t plan to run. District 2 Magistrate Terry Adams is challenging Judge/ Executive Jim Ward for that office, and District 5 Magistrate Wayne Fleming has said he plans to retire.

Several candidates who have run in the past are on the ballot again.

Offices and candidates who have filed are as follows (the lower case letter “i” signifies incumbent):

County Judge/Executive Jim Ward (D) (i) Terry Adams (R)

County Clerk Winston Meade (D) (i) Patty Wood (D)

County Attorney Jamie Hatton (D) (i)

Jailer Luther Tackett (D) Kenny Anderson (D) Bert Slone (D) Jeffery L. Mullins (D)

Sheriff Shawn “Mickey” Stines (D)

Carlus Eugene Slone (D) D.L. Hammonds (R)

Circuit Clerk Larry Adams (D) (i, appointed for unfinished term) Mike Watts (D)

Property Valuation Administrator Rick Rose (D) Richard G. Brown (R) (i, appointed for unfinished term)

Coroner Renee Campbell (D) (i)

Magistrate District 1 Bobby Howard (D) (i) Jack Banks (R)

Magistrate District 2 Michael Hall (D) Sherry Sexton (D) Roger Nease (R)

Magistrate District 3 Emory “Fudge” Mullins (D) Codell Gibson (D) Woody Holbrook (D) (i) Maverick Cook (R)

Magistrate District 4 William “Cheddy” Smith (D) Robert Howard (R) Roger Back (D)Kenny Whitehead (R) Melody Coots (D)

Magistrate District 5 Bennie McCall (D) Steve Addington (D)

Constable District 1 Roger Eldridge (D)

Constable District 3 Jesse Bates (D)

Constable District 4

Harvey B. Campbell (D) (i)

Terry Perkins (D)

Persons who have picked up papers, but have not returned them to the court clerk’s office are:

Circuit Clerk: Janet Ratliff (R); Jailer: William Gibson (D); Property Valuation Administrator: Randy Blair (D); Surveyor: Richard Hall (D) (i); Coroner: Clifford Wade Fields (D); Commonwealth’s Attorney: Edison G. Banks II (R) (i); Magistrate District 1: Joey Ison (D), Benjamin Fields (D), Sheila Cornett (D); Magistrate District 2: Robin Taylor (D), Brad Collie (R), Curtis King (D), Don McCall (D), Gwen Johnson (D), Therman Begley Jr. (D); Magistrate District 3: Heidi Martin (D), Chris Collier (D), Leonard Tackett (R), Robert Hatch (D), Dallas Adams (R); Magistrate District 4: Junior Banks (D), Larry Jones (D); Magistrate District 5: Scott Collins (R); Constable District 1: James Bowman.

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