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More Democrats needed in Frankfort

Letter to the editor

To the Editor:

I appreciate The Eagle publishing the excellent legislative reports of our Democratic State Representative Angie Hatton, who is already in House leadership. I believe we elected the wrong Johnny Turner instead of our good old Democratic State Senator Johnny Ray Turner. The state budget passed by the super majority Republican State Legislature is far from super.

In spite of relative good revenue reports, the Republicans did very little to support our public schools which are doing a good job under pandemic and economic challenges. I do support allowing our students to repeat all or part of their present grade or classes next year, but providing another year of no money for new textbooks or pay raises is inexcusable. As Kentucky Education Associationretired past president, I helped lead the movement for the “Shared Responsibility” retirement plan that increased the contributions of active and retired teachers under age 65. The new budget reduces the state contributions to this important program. Teachers who need or want to retire before age 65 ought to be able to retire without having the state not help pay their health insurance.

I believe in the next legislative elections we need to elect more Democrats who clearly are supportive of better public schools, educators, and staying out of giving public money to private or non-local schools. We should get involved in insisting that our local public schools are better in administrating and teaching what is weak in our schools, and we need more state help. Local better public schools are best for Kentucky’s future.


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