Whitesburg KY

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prevent more strokes than the volume of nutrients some people feed their pet guinea pigs there are any number of risks associated with potentially unpleasant drug interactions, not to mention a far greater than “ordinary” risk of simply bleeding to death.

So, before I do anything more drastic than sleep loss, I intend to talk to my family doctor this week and get his take on the situation.

In the meantime, early in the day on May 26, Loretta hung a hummingbird feeder out on the front porch and it drew in the first visitor long before the day was out. Wherever she wintered obviously had a plentiful food supply because she sure looks pleasantly plump. Over the last few days she has been showing up about every 15 minutes between dawn and dusk and, so far she has no competition for this feeder. I’m sure that will change even though we plan on putting out a few more feeders to discourage all the fighting that generally occurs when more than one hummingbird is on the place.

If a hummer has ever shown up at our place before the first of June, I didn’t write it down. And I do believe that watching them does as much as lisinopril to lower my blood pressure. Maybe I just got lucky.

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