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More ideas for turkey leftovers

Trying to figure out how to use all of those Thanksgiving dinner leftovers in meals? Here are some suggestions:

• Make turkey chili in your slow cooker: Toss some chopped turkey meat, chili beans, tomato paste, chili powder and any leftover veggies into the slow cooker. Refrigerate overnight and let the chili simmer on low until ready.

• If plain turkey sandwiches from the fridge leave you cold, how about one that’s barbecued? Sauté some onions in a little butter, stir in cooked turkey and barbecue sauce until heated through, add pepper and throw it all on a split hard roll.

• Another sandwich variation: Mix together chopped olives, celery, onions, roasted peppers, capers, oregano, pepper or any other vegetables or herbs that call out to you. Mix in oil and vinegar. Split a round Italian bread loaf, pulling out some of the insides, and brush both sides with more oil and vinegar. Place turkey slices on the bottom half of the bread, then spoon the olive mixture over the turkey. Arrange provolone or Swiss cheese slices on top, then press the top bread half over it all. Cut the sandwich into wedges.

• Try a turkey stir-fry using soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, garlic and vegetables.

• Plenty of pasta dishes lend themselves to diced white turkey meat.

• A turkey sauté is quick, easy and delectable. Just heat butter and oil in a skillet until hot. Add mushrooms, onions or peppers, and cook. Then add minced garlic, a little broth, and turkey.

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