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More Letcher County Barn Quilts

This is a continued listing of Letcher County’s “Painted Barn Quilts”, to add to a list printed in the newspaper on April 14. Several quilt squares have been put up very recently and there were some already on display that had not been brought to my attention.

Pat Shelton painted a 4×4 square in the “Suncatcher” pattern. It will be placed at the Ovenfork Senior Citizens Center. Susan Ison painted an 8×8 square in a pattern called “Father’s Choice” to honor her father-in-law, Rodney Ison’s, recent birthday. It can be seen prominently displayed on Mr. Ison’s barn on Highway 7 near Letcher School.

Ked Sanders and Bessie Shepherd, who have painted a large number of Letcher County’s “Barn Quilt Squares”, made a 4×4 square called a “Stars and Square” pattern to honor Ruby Caudill, who is 93 years young and a longtime member of the Carcassonne Quilters Group it hangs at Carcassonne Community Center and is a very eyecatching red, yellow and green.

Whitesburg Woman’s Club and the Red Hats Group commissioned Bessie Shepherd and Ked Sanders to paint a special square for them. It is entitled “Basket of Flowers” and is on display on the street corner they decorate seasonably at North Webb Avenue in Whitesburg. It is 3×3.

“Wishing Well” is the barn quilt pattern at Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital. The 4×4 square was painted by Ked and Bessie, who also painted a 4×4 “Bear Paw” square for Jenkins Hospital. They painted a 4×4 “Rolling Star” pattern for Gerry Haynes to display at her home and another square for her store building at Ermine.

Another square this artistic team of painters has made is a 4×4 “Sun Square” to be put up beside the Welcome to Whitesburg sign at the junction of Highway 15 and the Bypass.

There have been several quilt squares added in the Cowan area and some that are in the works. Ella and John Preston’s son Bruce painted a 3×3 square for their garage at 867 Highway 2035. She has named it “Morning Star.” Sue Banks has been busy with her paintbrush, painting a 2×2 “Springtime on Cowan” square for her daughter, Mary Lynn Richardson’s, home at 659 Highway 2035 and a 2×2 square Sue named “True Blue UK” for her son Edison’s home at 635 Highway 2035.

Marsha and Carl Banks have a 3×3 square of “Stars and Stripes Forever” at their home on Solomon Road. It was painted by Richard Smith. Vanessa and Charlie Hall have painted an 8×8 square, “Jacob’s Ladder”, on display at Seco United Methodist Church building.

Ked Sanders is finishing a “Crazy Quilt” 18 inches by 24 inches which will be hung at his home in Jenkins.

Sharman Chapman- Crane, facilitator of the Quilt Heritage Group, composed a list of the Top 10 Reasons to Create a Quilt Square:

1. You love quilts; 2. Someone in your family makes quilts; 3. To make people smile; 4. Proud of our heritage; 5. They’re beautiful; 6. It’s an opportunity to show off your creativity; 7. You can hide a broken window; 8. You can use up leftover paint ; 9. To develop local tourism; 10. You’re into cubism or geometry.

If you have a “Barn Quilt Square” that wasn’t listed in the April 14 news article or isn’t in this article, please call the Letcher County Extension Office at 633-2362 and your square will be added. We don’t want any squares to be left out.

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