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More ‘meth labs’ found in same area of Burdine

Police found two more methamphetamine labs Tuesday in the same wooded area near an apartment complex in Jenkins where four meth labs were found last week.

Jenkins Police Sgt. Jim Stephens said the one-step meth labs are similar to the ones found April 21, also on property located near the Mountain Breeze Apartments at Burdine, about 50 yards away from where children often play.

One meth lab found April 30 near Mountain Breeze Apartments was made using a 16-ounce water bottle and the other was made with a two-liter bottle which had contained Mountain Dew.

The labs found April 21 were comprised of plastic Sprite or 7-Up bottles, brake fluid and other ingredients used to make meth. Stephens said the bottles, which had tubing coming out the top, looked like they had baking soda in the bottom.

Stephens said the meth-making ingredients found on Tuesday evening were “a little different” than the ones found April 21.

“We’re finding them in different stages of the process,” said Stephens. “These were found a little bit up from where the others were found farther back in the woods. These had a lot more residue.”

Stephens said someone is either making meth in the woods and just leaving materials behind after they get everything they need, or some- one is making meth somewhere else and then dumping the remains in the woods.

Kids were playing in the area both times when police found the meth labs, Stephens said, adding that he is worried a child may be injured if he or she comes into contact with a meth lab .“This stuff is extremely dangerous,” said Stephens. “I don’t want kids to be touching it.”

Stephens said parents should tell their children not to pick up anything they seeing lying around, especially bottles.

“Don’t touch it,” Stephens said. “Don’t smell it.”

He said the meth-making ingredients found in or near the bottles aren’t dangerous unless they are ingested or inhaled. Stephens said contrary to rumors, there was not an explosion when the meth labs were found.

The Fleming-Neon Police Department disposed of the meth labs. No arrests were made.

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