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More on the Graveyard Hollow ghost

I was set up in my booth space at the Mountain Heritage Festival and at least 10 people stopped and talked to me about the ghost of a little girl who has been seen in Graveyard Hollow. A few weeks ago, I wrote my version of the story about her in The Mountain Eagle.

Now, the plot thickens. Several people have been looking around the Sandlick Cemetery, searching for the gravestone of the little girl I wrote about. Her grave has been found, and we now know her name.

The mother of that little girl probably held her in her arms as she gasped out her last breath, and was inconsolable long after her baby was buried. She buried her face in her shaking hands, feeling terrible grief at the tragic loss of such a beautiful baby girl.

Year after year, on her baby’s birthday, the mother returned to her darling daughter’s grave, wailing and crying and wringing her hands in grief for the little girl she had lost. She hadn’t had peace in her heart since the death of her baby.

Every year, starting in 1945, she would come to her little girl’s grave and light birthday candles she had stuck into her grave. She cried and wailed so loud, we could hear her all over the hollow, and would come and hide in the weeds and watch her. I can remember her coming to that grave every year from 1945 to 1949.

We now know the name of the little girl buried there. Her name is Barbara Ann McRae, and she was born and died on the same day — May 8, 1944.

We cannot say for sure that hers is the ghost being seen in Graveyard Hollow. Interested parties can find out who her mother was. Go to the genealogy section of the Harry Caudill Library in Whitesburg. On the left as you go in the door, there is a shelf full of books. In these books are listed deaths and births in Kentucky, by year. Look for her name and you will find out who her parents were. Then email me at niftyfiftyfiver@yahoo.com and let me know what you have found.

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