Whitesburg KY

More people are gardening this year

This time of year brings back many memories of my childhood as I grew up on the River Road above Blackey.

In the evenings as the daylight slowly faded into darkness you would begin to smell the aroma of burning cornstalks which would continue way into the night. This was always a sure signal that people were smitten by gardening fever.

I sincerely hope a lot of people will get the fever this spring. I have seen evidence of that already. I am seeing gardens being tilled in places where I haven’t seen a garden before. Some have decided they no longer need a three-acre lawn and are turning part of it into something productive instead of just something for other people to gaze at, and something that requires far less labor. I can think of nothing as satisfying as being able to go out to the garden and gather fresh produce and dress the family table with it.

I can only dream of it now, but my wife often canned over 100 quarts of tomato juice from our own tomatoes along with quite a few quarts of green beans. But tomatoes and tomato juice are what we used the most of. We usually made about two or three dozen quarts of kraut. I always had to be an oddball. I liked to keep a quart in the ‘fridge and eat it right out of the jar once it got cold.

I hate dill pickles but love dill pickle juice in my lifesavers (pinto beans). Old timers often said if you had soup beans and ‘taters, you wouldn’t starve. A little corn pone would be a treat, but you could survive even without it. But they also said anyone who would work wouldn’t starve, and those too sorry to work ought to starve.

If they knew someone who was lazy they would remark that he or she “warn’t worth the salt in their bread.” Or else they would say the individual or individuals walked around like they had dead lice falling off of them.

Back in the days of our forefathers the people worked hard, ate hearty, and lived longer than today. You hardly ever heard of cancer then. I can recall only two instances of people having cancer during my childhood. Now cancer is on a rampage. So I stand by what I have said for the past 30 years or so. Cancer is running rampant because of what we eat and drink, and maybe the air we breathe. Course I very much doubt if all them givernment fellers would agree with me because they always seem to have an answer for everything.

I don’t really give a hoot what anyone says. Our rivers and streams weren’t as polluted back when most people had a little pouting house out back instead of indoor thrones. I also doubt if the chemicals being put into our public water supplies have been scrutinized enough to declare them safe for human consumption.

Once our government officials make a decision, they don’t like to hear any rebuttal. As just one example, look at how many people died from malaria before they would admit that something as tiny as a mosquito was responsible. Nobody has or will convince me that the same little critter cannot spread AIDS.

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