Whitesburg KY

More than 52,500 still without power as storms rip regionFree Access

A power line lies across KY 7 South at Isom after strong winds ripped up trees and downed utility lines across eastern Kentucky.

Strong winds left more than 59,000 people in eastern Kentucky without electricity last night and today, with 6,700 in Letcher County alone.

Kentucky Power employees worked through the night, but many homes and businesses from Linefork to Whitesburg were still without power Monday as workers cleared trees from lines, replaced poles, and restrung lines. Power was also out to parts of the McRoberts and Jenkins areas. About 7,000 customers had been brought back on line by 2 p.m.

The National Weather Service did not list the speed of the winds here, saying only that they were “non-thunderstorm wind gusts.” Other parts of eastern Kentucky experienced straight-line winds in excess of 50 miles per hour.

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