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Mother Nature showing mischievous streak

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This dryland fish (morel mushroom) was found in the Payne Gap area of Jenkins by Jody Holbrook. It measured 9 ½ inches tall.

This dryland fish (morel mushroom) was found in the Payne Gap area of Jenkins by Jody Holbrook. It measured 9 ½ inches tall.

Well, here it is my day to pretend I’m a writer and to put some words on paper so you, my dear friends, will have your laugh for the week.

I hope this finds all well and hope your Easter weekend was all it should be. Red and I spent a quiet day at home with a visit and dinner from Bill and Redia. Would have loved to have been able to attend church, but knew neither of us was able to sit for very long.

I’ve gotten really lazy, and by the time I fix a bit of breakfast and straighten up the kitchen, I’ve got to head for my recliner.

I got our mail and received two beautiful birthday cards. Thank you, Mae and Glenora. I also received some calls from cousin Beulah Bentley of Jackson, Oh., and Clara Pfister of Clarkston, Mich. My love and a big thank you to all.

I have also talked to Jeanie in Louisville, my grandson David from the Bronx (delivering a load of tomatoes), and my nephew Rick Sergent from Florida, where he and his family are on vacation (spring break).

I talk to Jettie nearly every day, and she really seems to be handling things fairly well, but I’m sure she has lots of bad days and loneliness.

The sun is shining right now but it sure isn’t warm. We had a good size frost recently, and we also had rain and snow earlier in the week. Mother Nature sure has a mischievous streak, don’t you think? Why else would March and April be changed in the order of things? Oh well, I guess we just grin and bear it.

I started to write some letters and someone (wonder who?) has misplaced two addresses I really wanted to get in the mail. One is from not too far from here, she’s from Millstone and she and I have met and talked before. In fact, I sort of believe I sent her a pumpkin fudge recipe.

The other was a sweet lady who called when she read about the death of my brother Chester. She sounded like a very caring Christian woman and I’d really like to write to both of them. Help! I’ll no doubt find them in plain sight.

My sincere sympathy to the family of James Arthur Meade of Eaton Township, who went to his new home on April 8 at age 86. James and his wife Ruby (Profitt) Meade had three daughters and one son. They attended Pleasant View Church and we would see them there whenever we could go. We really liked them, and the one thing I remember most about him was every time I saw him, he would always say to tell Richard that, “We need to get together and play some music.” Both of them were really good musicians, and of course Richard still is.

Ruby, I hear you are not feeling too well yourself. Please take care and know my love and prayers are with you at this time and always.

I talked to Georgia and she said she and Richard would most likely come by for a visit. I guess I’ll put together an angel lush cake with pineapple.

Georgia had been to Cleveland Clinic to see her doctor and was she ever pleased with the report. Everything seems to be going her way. It’s about time!

Redia stopped by for a short visit and she even went out and got lunch (dinner) for us. I don’t know what we would do without family and friends.

Rose, I really hope and pray that you are on the mend and feeling much better. I think of you often. The same goes for Oma Hatton and all the rest of you writers.

As I always say, “ The Mountain Eagle is my lifeline to back home.”

I’d better stop and get busy getting the cake together and start a pot of coffee brewing.

Y’all have a great weekend and a happy week and if things go well look for me in a week, same time, same place. Love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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