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Mother’s Day brought calls, texts

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hoping all ladies had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

My son Mike bought me dinner at Hazard, Melinda Daniel bought my lunch on Friday at Pikeville, got a beautiful card from granddaughter, her friend Redd and my little man Jacob, texting and phone calls from my son Chad and Michaela and Becca.

Went to church Sunday morning and enjoyed a very good service with Frank and Jeanne Adams.

Birthdays this week: Ray Lynn Jefferson will be 3 years old on May 16. She is a daughter of Archie and Margaret Fields of Cowan. Rae Lynn lives in California with her mom, dad, brothers and one sister.

Kevin Day, Donny Ballard who lives in Indiana and Sandi Miles, all on May 17; Paula Maggard who lives in Indiana, Helen Scott Tolliver and Roger Hoskins, all on May 18; Ella Maggard Pate will be 50 on May 19, she lives in Indiana; Pat Large on May 20, who lives in Virginia; Adam Sturgill will be 24 on May 20; Jasmine Fields will be 22 on May 21, she is a granddaughter of Archie and Margaret Fields and lives in Arkansas; and Micki Ratliff Huff on May 21.

Hoping all of the above have a great birthday.

In memory this week: Nicklas Clark Fields died two years ago on May 18. He was a son of Hazel and Wendell

Fields and is missed by all.

Nila Turner died three years ago on May 19, and is still missed by all who knew her.

Sorry to hear of the death of Mark Sturgill. My sympathy goes out to his family.

Also, my sympathy to the family of the eight-year-old boy killed in a bicycle accident in Jenkins.

Also, an 11-year-old boy in Columbus, Ind., whose ATV was struck by a motorcycle, was killed. The driver of the motorcycle is in Indy Hospital. Keep both families in prayer.

So many young lives taken too soon.

Looks like a bad accident up by Fishpond Lake last Friday. Hopefully no one was killed or seriously injured.

I cannot understand when someone hurts you really badly and leads you on, and cannot tell you they are sorry. Seems like the hardest two words for anyone to say are, “I’m sorry.”

It could bring a person closure and not feeling like they are the worst people around. It also causes a person to have trust issues with anyone, and if they did have feelings for you they lose that trust.

It is best for a person not to call or talk to you in the first place than to lie to you and lead you on when a person has done nothing wrong except try to be a good friend to you.

Yes, I am talking from experience. I am tired of having my feelings and emotions tromped on.

I have only been a widow a few months, and have already had my feelings hurt more than once. My momma did not raise any fools. But with the likes of some people, I feel like I was played for a fool.

So shame on me for falling for the lies. I should have been more careful and not get taken advantage of. I might be lonely, but I am not desperate.

What happened to the days a person could have a friend to talk to and hang out with and not be involved in a relationship. Too old for that stuff.

A person should not be so trustworthy at a weak point in their life. As the saying goes, “Live and learn.”

I put my trust in God only, and He will never let me down.

Sorry for my rant, but I get so aggravated at people. It is usually someone you have known all of your whole life.

So sorry to hear that Marlow Tackett died on Saturday evening. My prayers go out to his family. He worked at different areas, including Whitesburg during Christmas .

Went to church at Neon on Saturday night. The Eastridge Boys were supposed to be there, but canceled because of Marlow’s death. Still had a good service with Pastor Joe and Linda Brown.

Prayer list this week: Archie Fields, Margaret Fields, Melinda Daniel, Mike Fields, Agnes Maggard, Audrey Hammonds, two brothers of Frank Adams, and Edith Adams.

Well folks, I better quit writing and get this out. May God bless each and every one of you until next time.

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