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Mother’s injury leaves family worried


Hello Mountain Eagle readers! Well, it’s not Jeanette this week. It’s me, Charlene Mason, Jeanette’s sister. I was gonna say big sister, but didn’t like the sound of that, and then older sister, but didn’t like that either. So let’s just say I’m her sister and leave it right there.

I’m filling in for her this week because she is at Pikeville Med with our sweet little momma. She had a fall this week on Tuesday afternoon and took a blow to her shoulder. We still haven’t figured out how it happened. She had gone to the bathroom and Jeanette heard a thump (they were outside and heard it from out there, so she took a good lick right in the collarbone area). A big goose egg popped up but she insisted she was ok, just a little sore. So they iced it and it went down.

But on Wednesday she was complaining that it hurt pretty bad (and she’s not a complainer,) so Jeanette and I took her to ER to be safe. They did X-rays and said nothing was broken, gave her a pain shot and we went home. She wasn’t hurting.

Fast forward to Saturday, my weekend to stay with her, and I was concerned about the way she was acting. No appetite and confused and a pained look on her face. Also a terrible bruise on her collarbone and all the way under her arm.

My gospel group sang in Clintwood on Sunday morning so my brother, Albert, stayed till I could get back and he was also very concerned about her . Just her general demeanor besides the pain she was in. So after getting up with her every hour or so through the night trying to get her in a comfortable position to sleep and her not eating any supper to speak of and couldn’t tell us anything she would eat if we fixed it, when Jeanette came to relieve me at noon, she took her to see Dr. April Hall at MCHC.

She noticed right away she wasn’t herself and wanted to admit her to the hospital, but all of Whitesburg’s cardiac doctors were on vacation this week and, given her cardiac history, she didn’t want her to be where she wouldn’t have access to a heart doctor so she sent her to Pikeville to be admitted after giving her a torodol shot.

She was feeling no pain when Jeanette left Whitesburg with her, but as of 10 p.m. this evening (Monday, June 21) she is still in ER waiting room. They currently have no beds available but are expecting some to come available tonight.

Neither Mom nor Jeanette have eaten since breakfast, so my brother went over to get them food and wait with them, since they’re both diabetic.

That’s where we stand right now, hopefully after some tests they can get to the bottom of her problem and Mom will return to her sweet self. We realize, of course, that we can’t keep her forever, but we sure would like to have her a few more years as long as she’s not suffering. None of us can stand to see her in pain. She’s just too sweet to suffer like that.

My brother in particular can’t stand it. They are extremely close. Us girls all accept the fact that Mom has a favorite and we gladly digress to our brother. He’s pretty special since he’s the only one we have.

So this was a quickly written substitute for Jeanette’s column and I know I can’t live up to her, but thought you guys might want to know about Mom. Jeanette will keep you updated.

I guess I could also update you on the progress of the baby swallows on the back porch. It’s not gone the way we’d hoped. Albert got a flashlight and looked to make sure they were all in there and there were four still in there Saturday. But he said one of them was very small. The gourd is so full with four birds in it, I guess one keeps getting pushed to the back when the parents arrive with the food. The bigger ones will sit on the edge of the hole and teeter back and forth and almost fall out before falling back in. But when Albert checked on Sunday there were only three in there.

The way the gourd is positioned on the corner of the eave, it is right over the basement stairwell and concrete steps. So he got to looking around on the ground and discovered the bird must have flown out and couldn’t keep his elevation up and unfortunately crashed into the stairwell and perished. So he took the gourd down and turned the opening in the other direction and later that day saw another one fly out and it flew around the side of the house and never returned. So there are two left and unfortunately will probably fly away and be gone before Mom gets back to see them. She’ll be so disappointed she didn’t get to see them leave the nest.

I’ve had nests at my house and when you get to witness the momma push them out and fly down with them in case they need help, you realize you are witnessing a very special thing. Rick and I watched a brood hatch off one year and it was very moving.

It reminded me of how the Lord works. The momma would fly down and get under them so they wouldn’t hit the ground until they got their wings strong enough to maintain their own weight. It usually didn’t take long. The Lord might lead you to do something that scares you or makes you uncomfortable but He will always be right there to break your fall if you slip, and protect you till you can try it again. He’s so good like that. He won’t ask you to do things on your own and alone. He’s always right there if you need him. I praise Him for that.

Well, I’m not good on keeping up with birthdays so I’ll let Jet (that’s what we call her) catch you up on that next week.

The two fathers I’m most proud of here on earth are my husband, Rick, and my son, Blake. These two are extremely close and spend a lot of time together. Not many men 34 years old still want to spend most of their spare time with their dad, but these two are connected at the hip. Blake, my grandson Tucker and Albert are all big race fans, so Rick has been joining them on Saturday night at the races! I guess you’re never too old to take up new hobbies. Anyway I’m very proud of both of them. They are superb examples of what a father should be.

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