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Mount Olivet Church holds memorial meeting


Last week I was a little lazy and didn’t have a column, so some of this is a little jumbled up. By the time this week’s Eagle comes out, it will have been Father’s Day and hopefully all had a good day.

The Mount Olivet Church at Blackey had its memorial meeting for deceased members on the first Sunday of the month. A large crowd came out to honor their loved ones, whose names are on the deceased members list. It was a good service and afterward the church had dinner for all who wanted to stay. We were worried about Shirley June Whitaker when her sugar got low, but after a little help, it came back up to normal and she was okay and able to stay and eat dinner at the church. Happy birthday to Shirley June, whose birthday was June 17.

Ivan and Freda Adams recently stayed a few weeks in Florida helping out Freda’s sister and brother-in-law, Esteva and Blaine Caudill, due to their health problems. They came back home before Memorial Day. Ivan is having a lot of pain in his knee and doctors think it is arthritis.

Courtney Adams and his daughter-in-law, Sandy, and his granddaughter all have been having health problems lately, but all are home from their hospital stays and hopefully doing better.

Allen and Sylvania Whitaker’s children, Wade and Alano Joe Couch, and their daughter-in-law, Lena, are recovering from their recent surgeries. Sylvania had to spend a few days in the hospital this past week.

Estill and Alma Rose Blair have been in Lexington recently to baby-sit and visit with Christy, her husband and children as Christy recently gave birth to a new baby boy. Mother and baby are doing well and Estill and Alma Rose are back home on Black Bottom. Opal Duke and Mattie Lou Back are the proud great-grandparents.

Terry and Pam Adams and family are back home after recently vacationing at Myrtle Beach, S.C. Also vacationing at Myrtle Beach were David and Denise Mullins along with Mike and Verlene Eldridge and family.

The annual John C. Adams Memorial at Blair Branch was held recently. It was a nice afternoon at the cemetery, not too hot as I thought it might be. Den and Judi Adams were in from Ohio for the memorial service.

This past Friday evening, Don and Coreen Pridemore, Bob and I went to the Poor Fork Regular Baptist Church at Cumberland as did many others from this area. It was a special service they have once a year and after a very good service, they had refreshments for their visitors. It was good to see former Crases Branch resident Joe Steely at the church service.

Bill Adams and his sister, Susie Raglin, had to spend a day or two in the Whitesburg Hospital this past week. Both are home now and hopefully feeling better. Their sister, Hazel, has not been feeling well lately.

Dr. Marlene Bielecki and her husband visited in Pennsylvania with her mother and father. They had a good visit and she enjoyed helping them out around the house as well as taking them to various events while there. I’m glad she had a good week.

The reunion of former classmates who attended Blair Branch School was held recently at the site of the old schoolhouse. They get together there every year and enjoy talking about old times.

We are glad to learn that Ray Dean and Doris Adams’s son, Jason, is doing pretty well after his recent thyroid trouble.

The family of the late Arch and Artie Cornett held their family reunion this past weekend at the old homeplace up on the River Road.

The Knott County and Letcher County Pridemores held their family reunion Saturday at Hindman. Families of the late Mark and Hiram Pridemore attended and afterward Mark and Minta’s family gathered at their old homeplace at Jeremiah. Ernie and Janie Caudill’s son, Mark, isn’t feeling well and he may have to have his gallbladder removed.

Larry and Sandy Hall’s daughter, Misha, is home from summer school at Morehead. They’re happy to have her home as is her grandma, Hazel. Hazel’s great-grandson, Ethan, has also been in visiting.

This Sunday will be the memorial meeting at the Blair Branch Church. The names of the deceased members of the church will be read at the beginning of the church services. The church will be having dinner afterward and everyone is invited to come and be with us.

A huge crowd of family and friends attended the recent baby shower that was held for Aaron and Becky Blair. They received many useful gifts for the new baby and appreciated all of them.

Rodney Ison is back home after a recent doctor visit in Lexington to remove skin cancer from his nose. They grafted skin from behind his ear to cover the spot on his nose. We hope it isn’t to painful and he gets over it okay.We are glad Rob Campbell is feeling better. He spent some time in the hospital recently and I was glad to see him sitting on his front porch again.

Sunday was the memorial meeting at the Spring Branch Cemetery. About 35 people came out to honor the memory of their relatives. It was a nice day for an outside service and didn’t seem like it could have been a year since we met there last. Ruby Ashley was able to attend and looked and felt well. She is the last of her generation that lives on Spring Branch and it was good to see her out.

Pressie Adams sent word that I needed to write a little more news and this week I believe that I have. She enjoys her family reading the EAGLE to her, since she doesn’t see to well now.

Have a good week.

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