Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Mountain breezes would blow through doors, windows

Northeast Ohio

Howdy, y’all, come on in and set a spell. How about a cold glass of lemonade? It shore is a hot’un today, which is mostly what we’ve been having lately. We had a few days in the mid 90s and mid to high 80s. We did have some wild winds, thunder, lightning and rain but really nothing to complain about.

Remember how it was when people my age were growing up? No electricity therefore no air conditioning and no fans, just what mountain breezes there were. We kept all windows and doors open and where we lived in the hollow there were plenty shade trees and hills on both sides. Not like here in level country, no trees except a shade tree here and there around houses.

Hope this finds all well and having a safe and happy season. We are both doin’ tolerable well and all our family seem to be doing OK. Catharine and Jeremy are planning a trip to southern Ohio to the Hocking Hills, where they spent their honeymoon. This will be their 10th anniversary. Congratulations from Mamaw and Papaw.

Well, our mustard patch is just about finished, going up to seed. I think we will have at least one more good cooking. Red’s tomato plants are looking real good, have some blooms on them and his beans, what came up, are looking good. My plum grannies are coming up really good.

I have finally started doing some cleaning. I got the kitchen and bathroom windows cleaned and put up clean curtains. I shore ’nuff sound like a dynamo, don’t I? I may get the rest of my cleaning done before our picnic and again I may not. I can remember when I could clean one room from top to bottom in one day. No more! It takes me a week or longer to do one room anymore.

I was reading last week’s Eagle and discovered I had left out some names and I do apologize to Nina Hobbs, her daughter and son-in-law Bill and Frances Howard and to brother and sister-in-law Charles and Delores Engle, all from Jenkins. Must have had a senior moment or memory lapse (me?).

I want to say hello to all my family. Guess they think I have left the country or gone into hibernation. I haven’t called or written to anyone since we got back from our trip, just been too busy (yeah, excuses, excuses).

Red has talked to his sister, Jean, and niece Carleta Adams. We both talked with his niece, Lena Stallard, and Nellie Banks and I had one of our good gabfests. I have also talked with cousin Beulah Bentley in Jackson, Ohio. I really do love our phone visits. I must admit I don’t call that often. I prefer writing letters, have ever since Stuart Robinson days.

Sunday was Father’s Day and I would like to wish every father, grandfather and soon-to-be father a great and happy Father’s Day.

Georgia just called. They had just gotten back from taking Chester to Cleveland Clinic for his usual yearly checkup. This is the fifth year nothing has changed, a good report!

Don’t forget about the Engle- Sergent picnic on August 10 from noon till dark at Hilltop Park in Elyria. I do hope we have a good crowd but am afraid, due to high gas prices, some who would show up may not make it. It just happens to fall on Red’s and Anna Lea’s birthdays and Ricky has one on Monday. Guess I’ll have to bake a cake or maybe get someone else to do so. Grandson Chris’s wife, Jenny, is a good hand at baking and decorating cakes.

Well, I’m going to say so long for now, have a great week, a happy life and love, prayers and peace to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave.,Lorain Ohio 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com, (440) 233-7548.

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