Whitesburg KY

Mountain Heritage contest winners

Apparel-Basic Sewing — Daisy Jackson

Art- 3 Dimensional- Carving — Merrill Holbrook 1st place, Merrill Holbrook 2nd place, Bill Helton 3rd place

Art- 3 Dimensional- Sculpture — Craig Killen 1st place, Bill Helton 2nd place, Bill Helton 3rd place

Art-Natural – Wood — David Hill 1st place, Casey Jackson 2nd place, Merrill Holbrook 3rd place

Art, Natural – Other — Iris Kelly 1st place

Basketry — Iris Kelly 1st place

Counted Cross Stitch — Pat Anderson 1st place

Crochet-thread crochet — Abby Wynn 1st place

Crochet-Accessories — Pat Anderson 1st place, Veronica Mynster 2nd place

Crochet-home décor & Afghans — Madonna Anderson 1st place, Veronica Mynster 2nd place, Abby Wynn 3rd place

Doll/Toy Making-Cloth — Daisy Jackson 1st place

Embroidery-Misc. — Barbara Ison 1st place

Embroidery-Swedish — Sharon Short 1st place

Embroidery-Machine Embroidery — Sue Whitaker 1st place & 2nd place

Holiday Decorations- Autumn — Ella Killen 1st place, Tammy Ison 2nd place, J&D Farms 3rd place

Holiday Decorations- Winter — Debbie Caudill 1st place

Painting-Art-Acrylic — Paul Mullins 1st place, Peggy Blair 2nd place, Peggy Blair 3rd place

Photography-Color — Evon Gibson 1st place

Quilts-Hand Appliqué- Hand Quilted — Henrietta Hensley (in memory of Josephine Breeding) 1st place

Quilts-Machine Pieced- Hand Quilted — Cathy Fisher 1st place

Quilts-Machine Pieced- Machine Quilted — Bernice Grubb 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Quilts-Novelty-Hand Quilted — Cathy Fisher 1st place

Quilts- Novelty- Machine

Quilted — Sue Whitaker 1st place

Quilts-Baby or Lap- Hand Quilted — Abby Wynn

Quilts-Misc-Hand or Machine Quilted — Bernice Grubb 1st and 2nd

Recycled Art — Courtney Jackson 1st place

Miscellaneous-Metal — Bill Helton 1st place

Mountain Heritage Baked Goods Contest

Pickles-Relish or Chow Chow — Debbie Calhoun 1st place, Debbie Calhoun 2nd place, Sharon Short 3rd place

Pickles-Dill Pickles — Debbie Calhoun 1st place, Gary Hylton 2nd place

Vegetables- Tomatoes — Rebecca Watkins 1st place

Vegetables-Green Beans — Sharon Short 1st place

Vegetables-Other Vegetables — Debbie Calhoun 1st place, Gary Hylton 2nd place, Debbie Calhoun 3rd place

Fruits-Jam — Jackie Austin 1st place, Debbie Caudill 2nd place, Jackie Austin 3rd place

Fruits-Jelly — Debbie Calhoun 1st place, Ricky Yonts 2nd place

Fruits- Preserves — Ricky Yonts 1st place

Fruits-Butter — Barbara Ison 1st place, Rebecca Watkins 2nd place

Fruits-Other Canned Fruits — Debbie Calhoun 1st place, Rebecca Watkins 2nd place

Other-Meats — Debbie Calhoun 1st place

Breads-Biscuits — Daisy Jackson 1st place

Breads-Any Breads Not Mentioned — Daisy Jackson 1st place

Cakes-Novelty Cake — Courtney Jackson 1st place

Cakes-Cake w/frosting, made from scratch — Sonya Breeding 1st place, Debbie Caudill 2nd place

Cakes- Cake without frosting, made from scratch — Daisy Jackson 1st place

Cookies-Sugar Cookies — Courtney Jackson 1st place

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