Whitesburg KY

Mountain Heritage cooking contests

The Mountain Heritage Festival cooking contests are sponsored by the Letcher County Extension Office, located at 478 Extension Drive (off Stone Avenue and the Whitesburg By-pass). There is no entry fee. All food items are due September 23 at the Extension Office.

Food preservation contest Class 1 Pickles
(a) Dill Pickles
(b) Sweet Pickles
(c) Relish or Chow-Chow
Class 2 Vegetables
(a) Tomatoes
(b) Tomato Juice
(c) Green Beans
(d) Sauerkraut
(e) Peppers
(f) Other Vegetables
Class 3 Fruits
(a) Jam
(b) Jelly
(c) Preserves
(d) Marmalade
(e) Butter (Apple, Pumpkin,

(f) Other Canned Fruits
Class 4 Dried Foods
(a) 1 String of Shucky
(b) Dried Fruits
(c) Dried Vegetables
(d) Meat Jerky
Class 5 Other
(a) Meats
Baking Contest
Class 1 Breads:
(a) Loaf Breads (half
loaf )
(b) Muffins (4) (c) Biscuits (4)
(d) Yeast Rolls (4)
(e) Bread made in machine (half )
(f) Any bread not mentioned Class 2 Cakes:
(a) Cake with frosting
(half) made from scratch
(b) Cake without frosting
(half) made from scratch
(c) Novelty Cake (bridal, birthday, gingerbread
house, etc.) (whole cake)
Class 3: Pies:
(a)Any Pie (half pie)
Class 4 Cookies:
(a) Peanut Butter Cookies (4)
(b) Sugar Cookies (4)
(c) Oatmeal (4)
(d) Any other kind (4)
Class 5: Candies:
(a) Mints, any kind (6
(b) Fudge (4 pieces)
(c) Hard Candy (4 pieces)
(d) Any other kind (4
For more information,
contact: Letcher County
Extension Office; 478 Extension Dr.; P.O. Box 784;
Whitesburg, Ky. 41858 or
call 633-2362.

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