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Mountain heritage festival arts and crafts contest

Once again the Letcher County Extension Office and Extension Homemaker Clubs will be sponsoring the Mountain Heritage Festival Arts and Crafts Contest. Entry information is included below and you may call the County Extension Office at 633- 2362 if you have questions.

The entries must be brought to the Extension Office, 478 Extension Drive in Whitesburg on September 23 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. There is no entry fee. No person may enter more than one item in each category. Exhibits are to be picked up by 3 p.m. on Monday, September 30.

Categories for baskets

1. Fireside, flower or wastebasket

2. Egg basket

3. Any other basket

4. Special weave

Categories for needlework

1. Knitting: a) Afghan knitted b) Hand knitted sweater c) Miscellaneous knitting

2. Crochet: a) Tablecloth crocheted b) Afghan, crocheted c). Afghan, granny-square pattern d) Crocheted sweater e) Crocheted doilies f) Miscellaneous crochet

3. Needlepoint: a) Pictured, framed b) Purse or bag c) Pillow, stuffed

4. Counted Cross- Stitch: a) Any article on 11-14-16 count aida cloth (not framed) b) Any article on specialty fabric such as linen (not framed) c) Most attractive picture on 11- 14-16 count aida (framed) d) Most attractive picture on 18 count aida (framed) e) Most attractive picture on specialty fabric (framed)

5. Miscellaneous Needlepoint: a) Crewel embroidery, pillow stuffed b) Crewel embroidery, wall hanging or picture c) Any other crewel embroidery d) Most attractive article in chicken scratch e) Most attractive article in candlewicking f ) Any article in needlepoint on plastic canvas g) Any other article in stitchery

Categories for woodcrafts

(Woodcrafts – none from kits allowed.)

1. Birdhouse – Finished (such as painted, stained, etc.)

2. Birdhouse – Nonfinished (such as sanded, no laquor, natural)

All birdhouses can be no larger than 16 inches wide, 16 inches in depth, and 13.5 inches high.

3. Whittled items

4. Small items decorated by wood burning technique.

5. Other small woodcrafts

Christmas crafts/holiday decorations

These could be tree ornaments, small holiday centerpieces or door arrangements.

Recycled items: Items re-made or recycled for use for home d├ęcor or for holiday decorations.

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