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Mountain Heritage Festival brings out crowd


Cousins Bruce Brown and Merrill Landrum attended the Hatton reunion at the Cowan Community Center in August.

Cousins Bruce Brown and Merrill Landrum attended the Hatton reunion at the Cowan Community Center in August.

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

I hope lots of you misplaced people will be coming to our 30th Mountain Heritage. It sounds like a lot of good things are planned. It always brings a large crowd and we are glad to see them.

I read where Tommy Fields will be having a birthday on Sept. 26. I can’t believe he will be 68 years old. He lived next door to my mom and dad and his parents, Jessie and Inez, were great neighbors. His dad hunted with my husband Clyde.

David and Margie Raleigh will be having their 25th anniversary on Sept. 26. They are our church people, and I’ve never seen a family that loves children like they do. If anyone brings a little child to church, one of the Raleigh family will get it.

Happy birthday, Tommy Fields, and happy anniversary to the Raleighs.

I visited Aggie Hatton at the hospital recently. She is not doing well at all.

I also visited with Betty Pease there. Her two sisters, Isabell Pease and Geneva Sturgill, and her husband Winford were there. I enjoyed seeing them all.

I always look for the volunteers there. This time it was Diane Lewis. I enjoyed talking with her. I know about all of the volunteers and enjoy seeing them all. I think it is so nice of them to do that.

It was good seeing my cousin Cecil Howard and his wife Billie Sue and their son there. Someone of their family was having a baby, and I hope everything went well.

We have been having a great revival at our church with Bro. David Miller of Dayton, Oh. It ended last Sunday night and we hated to see him and his wife, Dianna, leave. We’ve known them many years and they are very special to all of us, and we hope they can come back soon.

I sure enjoyed getting a call from Barbara Holland one morning. I had mentioned my Great-Aunt Lydia Garrett in my news last week, and it turned out she was a close relative of hers so we had a lot of memories to share. I told her she lived close to me and took care of her funeral a long time ago. She didn’t know where she was buried, so I told her. I think she writes a column for Community Press. Her name was familiar.

It was good seeing Lester and Alma Tindal at church last Friday night. I told them the only time I ever got to see them was at funerals, and this was a good change. They are very good friends of ours. We go back a long time.

Our church (Whitco Pentecostal Church) really appreciates the men of our church cooking breakfast for all of us last Saturday evening at 4 p.m. They really outdid themselves. Everything was delicious.

We had a large crowd, but plenty of food. The men worked hard and we enjoyed it and had a great time visiting with everyone. Men, it was a great idea!

My sister Louise Shepherd and I went to the Mountain Heritage dog show last Sunday evening. There were some real cute dogs there, but the one I was most impressed with was a little pug dog. It wasn’t in the show; a man and woman were walking it around the track and it came over to let me pet it.

Pugs are my favorites. I’ve had five, and kept them all until they passed away. I have two beagles now.

We had a baby dedication service at our church last Sunday for five beautiful babies and we had a large crowd of parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents. It was a beautiful service, and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Bro. Delmar Butler and our pastor did a great job.

May God bless all of you. Pray for all the sick, Shirley Niece, Aggie and Charlie Hatton and all the rest of them.

Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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