Whitesburg KY

Mountain Heritage Festival canning & baking contest

The Mountain Heritage Festival will feature contests in home canning and baking. The contests are sponsored by Letcher County Extension Office.

Categories for home-canned foods are: 1. jellies; 2. jams; 3. preserves; 4. fruits; 5. vegetables; 6. pickles; 7. relishes; 8. butters and sweets.

Categories for candy are: 1. fudge; 2. dipped; 3. Other candy.

Categories for home-baked goods are:

Lot 1, yeast breads – 1. loaf bread, 2. yeast rolls (6), 3. other (tea ring, doughnuts (6), coffee cake, etc.);

Lot 2, quick breads – 4. biscuits (6), 5. corn muffins (6). nut bread;

Lot 3, cookies – 7. sugar cookies (6), 8. peanut butter (6), 9. brownies (6);

Lot 4, cakes (1/2 cake) – 10. sponge cake, 11. butter cake, 12. chocolate cake, 13. pound cake, 14. jam cake, 15. fruit cake, 16. old-fashioned stack cake;

Lot 5, pies – 17. chocolate pie, 18. lemon pie, 19. custard pie, 20. fruit pie.

Ribbons will be awarded to the top three entries in each cat- egory/class.

There is no entry fee, and exhibits may be brought to the Letcher County Extension Office on Monday, Sept. 24 between 8 am. and 4 p.m. They will be on display until Friday, Sept. 21. The Extension Office is located at 478 Extension Drive (off Stone Avenue and the bypass) in Whitesburg. Exhibits may be picked up by 3 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 1, at the County Extension Office.

Home-canned entries should be in standard commercial glass jar, with lids in good condition and free of rust. If two-piece lids are used, rings should be left on. Paraffin may be used on jellies only.

Baked or canned foods may be tasted by judges to determine quality. Baked foods should be in disposable containers or wrappings. No food from commercial mixes will be allowed. Participants should include a copy of their recipe.

For more information, contact Ann Bradley, 633-2362.

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