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Mountain Heritage Festival was a fun time


Hello everyone — I hope all enjoyed the past week. I’m glad to have the sunshine back and most of the humidity is gone. The sunny days of fall are nice.

The Mountain Heritage Festival was a fun time over the weekend. Mike and I went on Friday night with John Campbell and Dianna Newsome. We looked at all the booths and then ate dinner out there. I did more shopping than they did. The weather was perfect and the music was good.

On Saturday, Mike and I went to the Mountain Heritage Parade. It was good. Parades are so much fun. Mike carried chairs for us and we had a great view across from the festival village.

My cousin Kathy LaMonte and I decided we needed to start walking. We’ve walked officially one time but I have walked every day. We were going to start by going down the hill but Mike said it would be easier if we went up the hill first. That’s what we did. My knees were not happy afterwards. We plan to do some walking every day. Our cousin, Randy Brown, passed us twice while we were walking. I am so out of shape and maybe this will help.

Randy had pumpkins on the side of the road and I got three of them. I need to get some cornstalks and work on fall decorations for the yard and porch. I have a recipe for pumpkin pie if I get the ambition to cook. When we were first married I would make pumpkin pies by cutting up a pumpkin. I remember them as being good.

John, Dianna, Kathy, Mike, and I had lunch at Pine Mountain Grill one day. It was a good time. I always enjoy being out with family.

Kathy and I took a trip to ECCO at Eolia. I bought a lot of fabric pieces. I’m now washing all the fabric and will need to iron the pieces before I cut them up. We plan to go back there this week.

On Monday, Kathy and I ate lunch at Doris Banks’s home. Those eating lunch were Doris Banks, Anna Yonts, Carol Caudill, Randy Brown, Kathy LaMonte and Martha Wenning. Afterwards Doris, Anna, Carol, Kathy, and I played Train Dominoes. Anna won.

Randy Brown went to the lake for the weekend. He was meeting his sons, Kevin and Jason, there along with his grandsons. Pat Banks of Edinburgh, Indiana was there also.

Patsy Banks had a surprise birthday party on Sunday afternoon. The photos I saw looked like a good time. It’s always nice to be thought of.

Donna and Mike Watts spent the weekend on Norris Lake with their grandchildren Eli and Finley Gordon. I enjoyed their photos. It’s such a relaxing place.

Kathy LaMonte, Anna Yonts, and Doris Banks went downtown on Sunday afternoon to see the photographs that were in the library window. Afterwards they went to the cemetery at Westwood. Aunt Nora Gibson Boyd is buried there along with her mother, Anna Victoria Bostic Gibson. An uncle, John Gibson, is buried there also.

Mike and I took a drive to Paintsville Lake on Sunday. It was a pretty afternoon and perfect weather. Everything was so green and looked like summer. We enjoyed the drive.

Feel Better Wishes are being sent to: Janice Wolod; Randy Brown; Edison Banks; Shirley Harris; Duane Yonts; Jim Caudill.

This week’s quote: “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

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Have a great week and stay safe.

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