Whitesburg KY

Mountain Heritage Parade was awesome

Cowan Creek

Princess Carolina Rayne Eldridge of Cowan Creek will turn one on October 4. She is the daughter of Byron and Morgan Eldridge of Cowan Creek. She is my Princess. Her grandparents are Benny and Barbara Eldridge of Kingscreek, and Freddie Eversole, of Whitesburg. Her party is on Sunday at the community center on Cowan. Love her so.

The Mountain Heritage was a big success. The crowd was good and the parade was awesome.

Everybody was talking about a pumpkin roll dessert that would knock ya socks off. Thanks to all helped make this year’s event a success.

Saturday, Byron and Morgan whooped us up a cookout on the Little Shepherd Trail. We had a blast. Got to fish with my new fishing pole. Still catching weeds, but I did get a hit, I just forgot to jerk. Oops.

Collin Cruz, my grandson, goes back for a followup on his throat on the 30th of September. Sure hope this is the last time. Praying for him. Love my Sunshine.

I got to see a picture of Karen Fields’s new home on Facebook. She now resides in Shelbyville. May God bless her always.

Prayers for Zonie Fisher as she is now doing well. She is the mother of Bob Fisher of Tunnel Hill. Also in that area are Lois and Ed Shortt who have not been doing well. Praying for all.

Judith Vermillion finished up a quilt square for me. Morgan Eldridge and I got it for Donna Watts for her birthday. She loved it, “Daisies”. Judith is very good at her work. She has Facebook if anybody would like her to make one. Her sister has not been doing well, praying for all.

Hand, foot and mouth is rapidly spreading around. Please teach your children to wash their hands. It makes our babies so sick. As parents we gotta practice what we preach. Viruses are spread so easily.

Until next time, “Keep on rollin’ with the flow.”

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