Whitesburg KY

Mountain Heritage photo contest winners

Listed are the winners of the Mountain Heritage Photo Contest. The photos will be on display at the Harry M. Caudill Memorial Library in Whitesburg through Sept. 26.

Portraits: 1st place, Daisy Jackson; 2nd place, Caroline Stines; 3rd place, Anetta Adams.

Scenic: 1st place, Mitch Caudill; 2nd place, Mitch Caudill; 3rd place, Abbie Wynn.

Vacation: 1st place, Deanna Whitaker; 2nd place, Deanna Whitaker; 3rd place, April Stevens.

Reflections of the Past: 1st place, Malaya Mullins; 2nd place, Elaine Sexton; 3rd place, Machaela Mullins.

Sports: 1st place, Cretia Barker; 2nd place, Veronica Mynster; 3rd place, Martha Fields.

Still Life: 1st place, Lula Hogg; 2nd place, Cretia Barker; 3rd place, Kristi Skeens.

Pets: 1st place, Stephanie Short ; 2nd place, Teresa Gibson; 3rd place, Elaine Sexton.

Wildlife: 1st place, Mitch Caudill; 2nd place, Lula Hogg, tied for 3rd place, Elaine Sexton and Caroline Stines.

Professional Vacation: 1st place, Cretia Barker.

Portraits: 1st place, Stephanie Short; 2nd place is Caroline Stines.

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