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Mountain Momma Red Hats enjoy tea party


We have had a death in our family. Bonnie Kincer, one of the finest people I have ever known, died last Wednesday. She was not only my husband’s first cousin but also a good friend. She and I had some wonderful talks about our family and our love for the Lord. I loved to see her and Richard at the center. Please pray for Richard, Greg and Rebecca and all her family.

I went to Richmond for a couple days this week, and saw all my family except my granddaughter-in-law. She was at work. Jennifer and I had breakfast together on Friday morning and a nice visit. Rylee wanted me to stay for a sleepover. She said, “Nana was making popcorn and letting us watch a movie.” She loves sleepovers.

I hope Steve Hall and Nick Ratliff enjoyed going to Houston for the Final 4 even though the Cats didn’t win. Steve is the son of Eugene and Kathy Hall of Deane. Nick is his brother-in-law. Steve’s grandparents, Charlie and Wilma Holbrook, also live at Deane.

The Mountain Momma Red Hats had a tea party Sunday afternoon. I’m sure they had a great time even though I couldn’t be there. As I’ve said before, the Red Hats always enjoy getting together.

Rick Yonts came by this week to gather his family some ‘Jim Legs.’ I know a lot of folks won’t know what that is but some of the older ones will. My grandfather, John Baker, loved them. I never did care for them.

Birthday wishes to Buddy Hatton, Betty Johnson, Sophia Addington and all who are turning the page.

Sophia turned the big one year old, and had a very nice party. I know her Mamaw and Papaw Baker had a wonderful time.

Brandon Jent was home from UK this weekend. He went back to school today. That boy is so talented, he can do anything he sets his mind too.

Sue Banks had a bad fall this week at Food City but is still going, just not as fast. I hope you continue to improve, Sue, and stay on your feet, girl.

Ollie Profitt is still just a’swinging and enjoying every minute. Keep it up, Miss Ollie.

Jared Sexton is in the hospital but hopefully will be home tomorrow. His Mamaw Zandra Perry has kept us updated on his stay and we are praying for a speedy recovery. Love you, Jared! His Papaw, Willie Perry, hasn’t been feeling so well so we will continue to keep him on our prayer list.

Keep Ernestine Spangler, Clayton Caudill, Ronnie Ratliff, Linda Lucas, Lucky Dennis Sturgill, Geneva Akemon, and Betty Hatton Johnson on the prayer list. Colson

Betty fell this week and broke her hip and has had surgery. Betty is a sister to Carol Baker, Bill and Buddy Hatton. Betty’s greatniece, Kaylee Baker, calls her Grandma Betty. Kaylee loves Betty and Lawrence so much.

I talked to Charlie and Dannie Isaacs this week. They are both doing okay. Charlie’s housekeeper was in the hospital so he was very busy taking care of Jackie by himself.

I called Lucille Polly and got her sister Joyce Brooks on the first try. Then I actually dialed Lucille next. Not that I make mistakes, but sometimes my mind is not responsible for my thinking.

Lucille and I had a nice talk about Rex’s family and I plan to talk to Dan as soon as I can. We are trying to help the ladies from Ohio with their family tree.

There will be a hanging this week at the science building on the School Hill and a clothing giveaway for the kids on Friday. Maxine is helping with this project.

April 12 at the Harry M. Caudill Library. we will have a Memory Sharing Day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Bring your photos of your relatives, old buildings or storefronts. Also share any old stories you have of them.

I know all of you have a funny or maybe a sad story about these folks. I remember my grandpa telling ghost stories all the time. He loved to tell stories and was great entertainment to all his grandchildren. A lot of the stories were about some member of the family thinking they saw a ghost!

We will have a second Memory Sharing Day on May 3 at the Harry M. Caudill Library from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Kim Watts has written a wonderful book on Icabee Cantrell. Hopefully she will have them at our next Historical Society meeting on April 12. I can’t wait to read mine. All who have read it have such good things to say about the book. We have some very talented writers in Letcher County and I’m proud of each of them.

Congratulations to Darlene Pettibone, who is the newly installed President of the Lions Club in Frankfort. She will do a good job.

I need a picture of Panther Jim Maggard. I know someone must have one. Also need a picture of Dr. B. F. Wright’s home at Seco. I need to know about Betty Sexton Fields of Rockhouse (Isom); her great-grandmother was one of the first families to come to Letcher County. Her family may have been Melungeons. My phone number is 855-7338 if you want to call.

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