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Mountains memories still calling my name

Southern Ohio

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How is the weather in your little corner of the world? We have really experienced winter in the Ohio Valley area for several days in January. Again I can say we haven’t had what the other states have, and are still going through.

I may complain as I am not a fan of cold weather, however I really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, although the idea has been tempting at times. There’s only one place that keeps calling my name, that is the eastern Kentucky mountains that will always be home to me in my heart. I know I would never really be satisfied to live there anymore. For one thing away I would be from my children, although there are weeks that go by that I don’t see any of them.

Roxana is just a shell of what it was when I was growing up. All the older ones are gone that I remember as a child, still I find myself driving through Roxana just to look at the houses that are there that I still remember, the hillside that I have roamed. Again it is wonder I wasn’t bitten by a snake.

What’s that phrase? As mean as a snake. Maybe that was the answer.

I wish there was a way that someone would put a motel in Whitesburg or in the area. I really miss the motel. I am a habitual person, as most who know me, I don’t like change.

As I read a few posts on the computer it takes me down the long road of memories how times used to be. Yes, they were hard and, no, I really wouldn’t want to go back to the days of carrying buckets of coal and chopping wood. It does make me wonder if the bottom should fall out of the economy how many could build a fire in a kitchen coal and wood stove or would know how to bank a fire in a fireplace, not to mention carry a bucket of water from a spring or a dug well.

I am thankful to be raised in a time when things were hard. Even though I left home at too early of an age enough of my journey of life has stayed with me that I managed to do things and survive that a lot of women wouldn’t even attempt, and I have been successful in so many ways.

I have fought the devil and I have won. My growing-up years have stayed with me as I have always danced to the beat of a different drum. I know I am too independent but that is all I know.

With my failing health it is hard to hear my son out clearing my steps as I have always been able to do that. Even the simple thing of him cleaning my car off for me. I am thankful.

Ann Calihan has experienced a setback as she awoke one morning with her finger swollen and aching, as she has a touch of arthritis. It was her ring finger and the pain and swelling wouldn’t go away, so Ann’s daughter Sue Wagner took her to the ER.

The doctor tried to remove the ring by inserting a thread under it, but finally had to cut Ann’s wedding ring off. During the process the doctor must have disturbed the tendons as her finger became inflamed.

Back to an ER for Ann, as the finger had suffered trauma. Ann was given an antibiotic and I hope it will heal as she can’t even use her hand to do anything.

This family has really had their share of illness and accidents.

Sue Wagner is on the liver transplant list. I pray how quickly she gets one. Even though she will have to be careful for sometime after the transplant she will be able to lead a normal life to some extent.

As I was reading old-time remedies on Facebook, I had to smile as a post asked who ever heard of putting urine in the ear to help an earache? I had lots of severe earaches as a child, and Mommy would blow smoke from her cigarette in my ear, then hold a soft rag to my ear.

There were several time that she would let me pee in a jar and then put drops of the warm pee in my ear and put a piece of rag in my ear to hold it in, as we didn’t have cotton back then. Yes it did seem to help.

Finally she managed to get a bottle of sweet oil, and warm it and use it for my earache. When I was working at the J.C. Penney outlet, a young employee out of nowhere turned to a few of us and asked if we had ever heard of putting urine in your ear. I started laughing and replied oh yes, I have.

Now she was in her late teens and I asked where she had heard that since she wasn’t from the mountains. I am sorry because it has been too long and I really don’t remember her answer.

Feb. 14 makes two months since my youngest daughter Anna Nottingham’s heart attack. Anna is doing very well, or she may be like her mother and not saying everything.

My oldest daughter Kay Gray was admitted to the hospital for observation for her heart. She won’t know anything until later today. Kay hadn’t been feeling well for a couple of weeks, having a lot of indigestion with a little pain in her chest and shoulder, so she went to the ER. She was sent straight to the hospital to be admitted.

It has been a long night for me. I can handle anything until it involves my kids. Please pray it isn’t too serious.

Sorry to cut this short, but I can’t concentrate. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, OH 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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