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Movie brings back many memories

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Greetings from Lorain, Ohio, where we are having a sunny but cool day. This I can handle. Mother Nature must surely have a sense of humor. On April 1 we got up to a sunny, beautiful, warm day with a warm wind and temperatures in the 60s. But by noon it had dropped to 40 degrees and the wind was one of those cold ones that seemed to blow right through one. I could just hear Mother Nature saying with an evil laugh, “Ha, ha, got you that time, April fools.”

Red’s aunt, Sarah Engle Pack, died March. They removed life support and she moved onto a better home. We will surely miss visiting with her when we go to Letcher County. Seems every week we hear of a death in one or both of our families.

Hello to Gladys Smith of North Carolina. I really enjoyed our phone visit and Red wants to find out more about your family to see if he knows any of them. His dad, Troy Engle, was an Old Regular Baptist preacher and Red used to drive him to different churches in and around the area.

I have heard from several about all writers (I really don’t qualify) getting together somewhere for a gab fest and get acquainted, lunch, brunch or whatever. And all seem to think it’s a great idea. Check your calendars, find a date that is convenient for you and we can go from there. Just one request, let’s make it during warm weather.

I haven’t talked to any of the Sergent family except Georgia, I’m a believer in the old saying, “No news is good news.” I’m sure I would hear any bad news.

Thank you, Mildred, for the beautiful card. We have both gotten several; they are all appreciated and our love and thanks to all.

Hello to Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass. I haven’t heard from you for a spell but hope and trust this finds you both well and do hope the program is still going strong. Even though we can’t hear it, I’m sure it is a blessing and brings comfort and joy to many, many listeners. Stay well, be happy and love and prayers to both of you.

I’m going to add another year to my age pretty soon and it seems as they keep adding up, the more I remember way back when. How many saw the movie “Coal Miner’s Daughter”? The schoolhouse where the pie supper took place was Upper Cumberland School where I taught for two years, the doctor’s office in Blackey was near where we would board the train to Millstone to go home for the weekends. We got off at the mouth of Millstone and had to walk several miles up to the forks, took the left fork to Millstone Hill, over it to Indian Creek and this was mostly at night. Sometimes it would be midnight when we reached home. It didn’t bother us at all, neither the walk or the night, was usually moon and stars made it almost bright as day. In the movie, the scene where ‘Mooney’ drove the jeep up the slate dump was at a mine owned by a first cousin, the late Delmer Ray Kincer, son of the late Delmer and Sarah Jane Taylor Kincer, Mom’s only sister.

Thinking back to Stuart Robinson, anytime we went home we had a hill to walk across unless Dad picked us up or took us back in an old truck he owned. If we rode the bus we had to cross Hall Hill, up Sandlick Mountain and caught or got off the bus at Sandlick Gap. It was a hard way to get an education and I guess that is why I treasure those four years and am so thankful Stuart Robinson School was there. I’m sure many of us would have never gotten a high school education without it. Five of our family graduated from there, Ethel, me – Emma Lou, Sarah Belle, Chester and Jeanie (known as Opal Jean). Henry Warren dropped out to join the Army and Anna Lea went until they started running buses to Fleming-Neon; Richard Ray, Ronald Buford and Anna Lea all graduated from there. Guess that’s pretty good for a family of nine who grew up without any frills or extras, just a lot of love and parents who were determined to see we got some education.

I took a time out, baked some cupcakes, fixed chili dogs for supper then Richard and Georgia stopped by for a visit; they just left. I always enjoy their visits, we talk about away back when.

Don’t forget the Engle family picnic on Sunday, May 25, at the Flat Gap Senior Citizens Center in Flat Gap, Va. Hope to see a lot of family in attendance. Just hope Red will be up to making the trip; he’s determined to be there. Valerie is planning to come down with us.

Guess I’ll give you a break and shut up. Wishing for all a great week, lots of love and sunshine and a most peaceful life.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain Ohio 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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