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Mrs. Campbell came across some unexpected fireworks


This bear cub can’t resist smelling a flower. (Photo by Carla Smith)

This bear cub can’t resist smelling a flower. (Photo by Carla Smith)

Hello everyone – We have made it to July 2020. I hope this month is calmer than the previous months. A lot of towns have canceled their Independence Day fireworks and celebrations, and I’m glad that Whitesburg is planning to have fireworks. It’s a sense of normalcy.

It’s scary how the virus is making a comeback. I remember in the beginning it was thought that sun and heat would slow the virus down. I think a vaccine is going to be our best defense.

I want to send Hello greetings to my aunts and uncles: Bob and Ramona Caudill of Little Cowan; Thelma and Glennon Ison of Flemingsburg; Janice and Ron Wolod of Annapolis, MD; and Susan and Waldo Stamper of Lexington. I hope they all have a good month.

The July birthdays are:

July 3 – Addison Marr, Cindy Wenning; 7 – Jacob Farley; 8 – Jim Caudill, Heather Wenning; 9 – Chad McGinty; 10 – Jennifer Sigrest; 15 – Tori Banks Akers; 16 – Jim Banks; 19 – David Barnett; 24 – Sarah LaMonte; 26 – Beth Lucas Callahan, Chad Campbell, Jonathan Campbell; 27 – Connie Sams.

Happy anniversary on July 1 to Debbie and Jeff Vice of Flemingsburg

Happy anniversary on July 6 to Janice and Ron Wolod of Annapolis, Md.

Debbie and Jeff Vice of Flemingsburg came in for a few days. It was good seeing them. We ate out a couple times and did a lot of deck sitting.

On Friday night we had a group on the deck: Debbie and Jeff Vice; Gemma, Steven, Cheyene Bentley; John Campbell; Mike and I. It was so pleasant. On Saturday night there were Debbie, Jeff, John, Mike, and I. My brother has a wonderful deck for sitting.

Janis and Mike Marr of Berea came in with their children (Anna, Myles, Addison, and Tucker). They visited her dad John Campbell and her grandpa Glenn Brown. It was a quick trip but it was good seeing them. Addison drew a picture for me which I plan to frame. Tucker drew two pictures which are on my refrigerator. I love original artwork.

I did see Donna Watts one afternoon. I had made a hair appointment at Reflections and I feel so much better. Donna does excellent work.

Mike and I went to Pikeville one day. My eye appointment always takes an hour or longer. Then we went shopping. We were gone most of the day.

Carla Smith of Little Cowan takes wonderful pictures of bears and nature. My favorite bear picture is the cub smelling a wildflower. I told Carla it was “Innocence of a Wild Animal”. I just adore that picture.

One summer years ago, we came in to visit my mom, Emma Campbell. Our son, Mark, bought fireworks while we were here. He had some leftover and was told to leave them here as he couldn’t take them back to Ohio. He put them in Mom’s shed. These fireworks were forgotten for a few years. One day Mom decided to clean out her shed. She was burning what she could. She saw a bag and thought it was trash. She didn’t open it, she just threw the bag in the fire. Suddenly bottle rockets were being ignited and coming towards her. Mom had to hide behind a tree as fireworks were happening. This is one of my favorite Mom stories as I can visualize Mom hiding behind a little tree and moving around as fireworks came her way. Luckily she wasn’t hurt. It’s one of those story memories that will be around for a long time.

This week’s quote is attributed to Joshua J. Marine. “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

If you have any news this week, please email to cowannews@aol.com.

Thank you and have a fun week and stay safe.

Happy Fourth of July.

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