Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Mrs. Collins was known for her yeast rolls


Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well.

The weather has been so nice, and I’ve been doing a lot of outside painting. I enjoyed it for a few days before I finally realized it wasn’t much fun. I will finish it later when I feel like it will be fun again. It’s good to have a choice.

I visited Letcher Manor the other day. I saw Patty Majority, Mable Banks, Blanche Hatton, Aggie Hatton and Lucinda Roberts.

Lucinda is usually asleep when I go up there. I woke her up and found out about all of her family. I asked her about her son, Gerald Roberts. He had been working at Food City a long time and I had missed him. I found out he got married and is living in Clintwood, Va., and working there. He and his wife are attending church there, where he is working with the young people.

Gerald’s friends here will be glad to hear he is doing well. Everyone likes him and Lucinda’s other two sons, Joe and Richard, who are also doing well.

I also went down and visited Charlie Hatton. We sat on the porch and talked and talked. I didn’t get to see his two little dogs. Charlie said they were sleeping.

We offer our sympathy to the family of Ruby Jean Maggard of Cowan. She will surely be missed. She and her husband, the late James Tate Maggard, participated in the foster parent program for 28 years and opened their home and their hearts to more than 250 children, and loved doing it. The large crowd at the funeral showed how much she was loved.

I watched the Beattyville channel on Saturday night and Sunday morning. I surely enjoyed it. It showed Steve Caudill and William Caudill performing. I’ve known them both a long time. I love the old-time gospel songs they sing, and I also like to hear them call the names of people I know: Robbie Dixon, Bertha Dye, Gary Joe Bennett and Daniel Cook. They said Daniel was a good old boy, and I sure agree with that. He goes to our church and is so faithful.

We also offer sympathy to the family of Esther Collins, who lived up the road from me on Sandlick. We worked together many years at the election polls on Sandlick. She was a hardworking woman and made delicious yeast rolls that lots of people bought from her for special occasions.

My sister left last Sunday to spend some time with her relatives, Jan and Curt Boggs. I’m sure she will enjoy that. They are fun people.

This week had a good ending. I went to a baby shower at the library in Whitesburg for Chrystal and Jerome Hatton. There was a large crowd there. Our sister Judy Greene came from Somerset to. It was good seeing her. She works and doesn’t get in very often.

It was good seeing everyone. Of course the good food didn’t hurt too bad either. I love to eat!

My son Astor (Red) Hatton and wife Rosemary came to visit on Sunday. I love seeing my boys. They live in Georgetown. Both of them work, so it’s hard for them to get away.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week. It’s time for me to get to mine now.

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