Whitesburg KY

Mudslide hits Keith Adams house

Happy St. Patrick’s and Happy Spring!

Yes, we still have snow on the ground. I must say it is quite a bit less. Maybe after today a little more will disappear.

I must say I have enjoyed the snow, oh I know it has been an inconvenience for everyone. Somehow I found renewed strength, peace and tranquility in sitting by window and watching the beautiful white snow falling so soft to blanket the ground.

I really feel bad for all the people in different states for the amount of snow they received. That was a way bit much for anyone to go through.

For the past couple of days it has seemed Spring has Sprung. It was so good to feel the sunshine as it hasn’t been strong enough to give of warmth.

Once again my heart breaks for those who has lost so their homes, and possessions due to the mass flooding through so many counties.

Floods and fires, and ill health along with death have no discrimination of anyone, no matter what we acclaim or if we are homeless.

When I saw the pictures of the Keith Adams home, it seemed to really hit me. I read this house is on Pratt’s Branch where there was not a river close.

It has been so many years since I have been away, I hope I am right in recalling Pratt Branch is where Wardrup’s Packing Company used to be.

Someone local back there started a fund to help Keith Adams and family since their home was lost due to a mudslide.

Someone made a comment that there were other who needed help the same as Keith Adams. I agree there are hundreds who have lost so much, however if you can’t say something nice, please keep your negative remarks to yourself in times like this. If you don’t want to donate, then don’t.

I have gone through a flood and I know the pain. At least my husband at the time, and two little children made through those bad times. We were renting so of course no insurance at the time.

I do believe that the Adams house is not covered by insurance as this is called an “act of God” which I have never understood.

You pay millions of dollars to insurance companies,when you need it, you are told you are not covered.

Once again my sympathy goes out to my first cousin Teresa Griffin of Big Stone Gap Va., in the loss of her sister Diane. These are the children of my uncle Ted Adams, my mother’s baby brother.

Uncle Ted lost his life many years ago. He was working for Kissell Brothers Amusement Co. While Uncle Ted slept under a truck, the driver ran over him. The family moved back to the mountains and I lost touch with them years ago. So like so many others we have lost many years as a family. Teresa lost a brother Bobby about a year ago, if not less.

A friend through music, Joe Fothergill from the Dayton, Ohio area, lost a short battle with cancer.

Joe was diagnosed in mid January with pancreatic cancer. He went to the hospital this week, and he died Sunday. I think he spent two days in the hospital.

I haven’t been to see Tony Hale & Black Water Band since November. I need to get back to Hunter’s Pizzeria as I miss music, and of course Les and Pat Wagner, along with the Becky and Polly Hasty.

Hunters Pizzeria will never be the same without Larry Hasty. It is still diffi- cult to believe Larry is gone.

On a brighter note, Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers. I must say I felt like I was walking on clouds for a few hours.

I have been so afraid that O.T.F. would fold like an accordion, and would cease to exist, as this is a very old organization, and a small group. Old Time Fiddlers is all acoustic and that causes a problem, not having electric instruments.

Southern Ohio

Sunday we had the largest crowd in over two years.

Eleven musicians entertained a very attentive audience. Guess who danced a little bit. I couldn’t dance the whole fiddle tune, as I do believe musicians sort of play the tunes through a couple of times when they are enjoying playing the music.

Oh I am not complaining as I love it. I started having door prizes and Split the Pot. which was a big hit.

A member won the door prize and split the pot. He decided to donate the money back to the club. Thanks for being so generous.

Doyle and Betty Ison weren’t able to attend and I missed them very much. I hope they get feeling well enough to come to OTF before too long.

I do believe I let Doyle Ison’s birthday slip past. Belated happy birthday, Doyle, February 12.

Betty’s birthday will be April 4. So happy birthday a month early in case I forget.

I haven’t talked to Johnny and Ann Calihan this week. I hope they are enjoying this break in the weather we are having.

Early Sunday morning I went to my daughter Anna Nottingham’s to pickup Girl Scout cookies, I surprised her husband Scott with breakfast from McDonald’s. Actually I took the entire family breakfast.

Scott is always teasing me about wanting me to come to fix biscuits and gravy, for him. I didn’t have to make home made so I improvised, even doubled the order.

Hello to Bill and Betty Kelly. Belated happy birthday, Bill, on March 6.

Richard Caudill hasn’t let the weather keep him inside too much as he has enjoyed riding his fourwheeler.

On of these days a big bear, or little bear is going to catch him.

Well, once again time is sneaking up.

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