Whitesburg KY

Music found at Hemphill Center

Big Cowan

Hello folks! Such a beautiful day last Sunday after all the cold spells we went through this past week.

I had an opportunity to go to the Hemphill Community Center on Friday night. Entertainment was provided by Will Caudill and his band. Gwen, who helps out at the center, did a great job. I think her last name is Johnson.

I ran into Imogene Sexton and her daughter Sandra Wilson. I had not seen Imogene for years. She still looks good.

Also, I met one of my neighbors, Marlene Cornett, and her cousin, Wanda Hall, who lives on Ingram’s Creek. They are really nice.

I won two free tickets to return on a Friday night of my choice. Several people were dancing and they seemed to really enjoy themselves.

I took a lady named Ruby awhirl in her wheelchair since I am not a dancer. I figured she would enjoy it.

Had good food and fellowship and met several people running in the election for District #2. Sherry Sexton was running for magistrate; Kenny Meade; John Amburgey and his wife and baby, though I forget what he was running for, might have been magistrate; and then some man, I did not catch his name, was running for sheriff.

So sorry to hear that Wanda Faye Fields Taulbee had died at the age of 65. She lived in Clay County with husband Robert. She was a daughter of the late Culbert and Easter Mitchell Fields. She had several children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, several sisters and brothers.

She had been sick for awhile and will be missed by all who knew her. We were close in grade school, and then we both moved away from Cowan and lost touch. I saw her a few years ago at the Fields reunion and she wasn’t doing well then. Keep her family in prayer.

Sonny Sturgill called me last Saturday from Elizabethtown. Sure was good talking to her. She needs our prayers. She is a daughter of the late Genevieve and Jack Sturgill. I asked her if she still had long, red, curly hair.

She said, “No, it is short and white.” Guess that means she is getting old like the rest of us. Ha, ha!

Birthdays this week are: Helen Scott Tolliver on May 17; Erica Emery will be 25, and Kenny Ray Harvey will celebrate, both on May 23; Kylee Faith Gibson will be three on May 24; Emma Day Adams on May 25; Rose Ballard, May 26; Joe Lee Maggard, May 29.

Hoping everyone has a good birthday and a great Memorial weekend coming up. Remember all those who have gone on before us and remember our fallen soldiers.

Keep someone in prayer this week. I went to the sleep doctor for my results and he said I quit breathing 37 times during the night of my sleep study.

So guess who has a CPap machine? Keep me in prayer.

Mike has been sick with a bad cold and allergies. Keep him in prayer.

Well, until next time be good to yourself and one another. May God bless.

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