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Music is more important than food

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving with plenty to eat. It breaks my heart thinking of the ones who aren’t fortunate enough to have the necessary staples, much less the turkey and so much so many take for granted.

Believe me when I say there have been times I didn’t know what having a fancy meal was about.

I gave myself a late Halloween treat, a happy Thanksgiving surprise, and an early Christmas gift this year.

I started getting very sick Thursday, and by Friday morning I couldn’t hardly get out of bed. Not only was I nauseated, I was swollen, plus hurting so bad each breath I tried to take hurt me. I finally realized it was muscle spasms as no bones were hurting.

Friday, my daughter Kay was scheduled for minor surgery. Kay kept insisting I didn’t need to be there as she knew that I wanted to go to the mountains, but there was no way I was going anywhere. Kay’s surgery went well, except she couldn’t wake up from the anesthetic. I had been there since before noon, and she was still sleeping at 6 p.m. I was exhausted so her daughter Jodi and I left her in care of her husband.

Saturday was the last square dance at Carcassonne Community Center. To add icing to the cake, they had the Sunrise Ridge Band with Shawn Stamper and his beautiful daughter Whitney, Natalie, and of course my cousin Jack Adams was scheduled to play.

Saturday morning, once again my heart and feet took over my thinking. I set my alarm, which was of no reason as I couldn’t sleep. Of course we all know dark comes at 5:30 p.m., and it doesn’t get daylight until almost 7 a.m.

Of course as usual nothing I plan goes right with me, and with all the hoopla I forgot to go to the bank, plus I needed some essentials from Kroger’s.

Finally I was on my way. Yes I forgot a couple of things that I didn’t bother going back to get because I was out of here.

Southern Ohio

After half dozen pit stops I finally made it, which made me too late to get things accomplished I had planned to do, like going to the cemetery where my parents are buried, and trying to find my brother Jerry’s grave, since I probably won’t be back to the mountains before spring if I am living then.

I tried calling Ricky Caudill to tell him I decided to go to the square dance, but it was to know avail as his phone wasn’t working, so I showed up at his door. Then we showed up at Mike and Marcia Caudill’s for a surprise visit.

Finally it was time to go to Carcassonne Community Center to set up for the square dance.

Marcia is such a wonderful person to be around and makes me feel so welcome that I am very at ease with her. So I helped her to set up things, along with a few others who were there helping Mike to get things ready.

Watching Mike and Marcia and others square dance was killing me with envy. I was asked to dance but declined, then out of nowhere I said, “Yes if you will help keep me from falling.” I made it through the whole set.

I thought I had died and gone to Heaven as it was so wonderful. I haven’t square danced in over four years. Thanks Jacob Mack-Boll for asking me to dance.

Jacob is program director for Dumplin’s & Dancing, which is held Dec. 2-4 at the Hindman Settlement School. This features chefs and square dancing.

Happy birthday to Les and Pat Wagner on Dec. 2, since they both celebrate birthdays on the same day. I think I will send one card for both to share since they slip off to the mountains and leave me. Oops, I did the same thing.

I made a choice to either go to the Carcassonne Square Dance or Thanksgiving. I was selfish as music is more important to me than food any time.

Several years ago at Coon Hunters Club they served soup beans and cornbread. I decided to dance rather than eat. I was asked if I wasn’t going to eat, since they were serving soup beans and cornbread. I laughed and said as much as I loved chocolate pie, I’d rather dance than eat.

Thanks, Laynette Holcomb Collier and my niece Sue Hall, for sharing Thanksgiving dinner with Ricky Caudill. He was pleased that someone could be so thoughtful.

Johnny and Ann Calihan had a wonderful time. Ann cooked, then they went to their daughter’s for dinner, and all the family was together. Their daughter Sue Wagner came from South Carolina then became ill. Sue was like me and spent the time alone.

Doyle and Betty Ison, along with their son Randy and his wife Sheryl, went out to eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Doyle and Betty’s son Mike had to work, so they are having a family dinner this weekend.

Les and Pat Wagner spent Thanksgiving with family, which was enjoyed by everyone.

I decided to try to put some little Christmas decorations up since I was in the hospital last year, then of course sickness has hit me again.

My sympathy goes out to so many that lost loved ones over the holiday; it is hard to enjoy when there’s so much sadness.

I almost forgot something. On Sunday, Ricky Caudill asked me to go to church with him at Hot Spot (Premium). Ricky thought I would know people, but once again, I wasn’t raised at Hot Spot. I was born in Roxana and we lived there until I was 13 years old. I wasn’t living at home when Dad and Mom moved to Hotspot.

I was a complete stranger in church. Thanks to Ray Boggs for the kind words about Dad. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Ronald Meade, I’ve heard your name all my life and it was nice to meet you. Thanks everyone who spoke to me, making me feel welcome. I can see why Ricky likes this church.

My sympathy goes out to the family and to Dee Taylor in the sudden death of Lafayette Holcomb, who is originally from eastern Kentucky. Fate made his home in Middletown for many years. Fate and a friend came to Letcher County Picnic a few times, and he was always so nice and enjoyed our little event.

Sympathy to Robert Bryant’s family. Bob is originally from Johnson Fork, and made his home in Harrison, not far from me. I met Bob, whom I knew as Mr. Bryant, as the principal of Hooven School many years ago. Bob was a musician also, and until his wife Dorothy started having health issues he was a faithful supporter of Letcher County Picnic.

Bill and Betty Kelly’s son Barry Brown and his wife Tina were enjoying the holidays in Florida, until Barry had a terrible accident. Barry fell off of a pier. He is in the hospital in Florida at the time of this writing, in serious but stable condition. It is serious and Barry is lucky he survived. Please keep Barry and the family in your prayers for a fast recovery.

Well, it is time to bring this to a close. Until next time.

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