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Music is performed at haunted building


Hello from historic Bardstown. The colder temperatures have definitely arrived.

After getting excited about writing my last column and telling everyone about Phillip Clarkson, I decided to get together with a couple friends and see what all the buzz was about. Mind you, I’ve been avoiding the tours and such offered at the Old Talbott Tavern and attached Jailer’s Inn because of all the attention it has gotten as being one of the town’s most haunted buildings.

Well, it is very nice over there. When you enter, there is a gift shop directly in front of you and either side holds a bar and music.

They told us Phillip was playing pub side. There is a family

restaurant directly on the other side of the gift shop – the building looks smaller from the outside.

We were a bit early so one of the ladies who knew we were new to the tavern had one of the guys there take us on a tour of the upstairs, which is the bed and breakfast areas and is the haunted part of the building. The rooms are labeled on the doors and the Jesse James room is the one with the most paranormal activity. if you are into that kind of thing.

Despite the 27-degree weather, we saw two people sitting out on the balcony up there and several horse-drawn carriages pass by while we were inside.

Phillip began signing autographs with Jim Rutledge at 8 p.m., because it was a CD release event. Four Roses bourbon is his sponsor and he and Mr. Rutledge were autographing “rock” glasses for anyone who ordered a drink that would be served in one. Phillip began playing at 9:30 p.m. He did classic Johnny Cash, David Alan Coe and Poison’s “Every rose has its thorn” and Keith Whitley, then some original songs like “Cold October Night” and “A Lot of Liquor to Like Her”.

He surprised those of us who aren’t regulars by announcing he was playing the “Lester song.” He began playing “Rocky Top” and one man who must’ve been Lester proceeded to get up and dance all by himself.

Since the girls I was with and I had to be up early on Sunday, we left around 11 p.m.

I do recommend that if you visit Bardstown you stop in and say hello to them. The gift shop has a large selection of some really great stuff and the restaurant is always serving up something delicious. If you want to catch a show but aren’t into alcoholic beverages, they do have Coke and Sprite. They squeezed some extra lime into mine, which gave it a different yet interesting flavor.

I am finding that I really do like this town. I am looking forward to the next time an outdoor concert is played. I do enjoy the music and hope to hear more of Phillip.

There is also a playhouse just down the block from the tavern. That is my next plan for when I get a chance to partake of this town that is so rich in culture.

I can’t believe it has taken me four years to venture out to see what this town really has to offer.

The town is decorated now for Christmas and several people on our block were putting their lights up days before Thanksgiving and that just blew my mind. I don’t like to get my tree up until closer to Christmas. Of course I do have kids that like to mess with everything, but I don’t understand decorating so far ahead of time.

I wouldn’t want to pay extra electricity expenses until a bit closer to Christmas.

Since business really picks up for the next few weeks because of the Christmas selling season, I’m going to send out happy birthdays for December to the following: Adam Crouch, Dec. 15; Bobbie Welch, Dec. 18; Jeff Lester, Dec. 28; Shirl Lewis of Eolia, Dec. 27; Melissa Day of Bardstown, Dec. 28; Fairley Lewis of Eolia, Dec. 31.

I believe that covers everyone. If you have any news that you’d like to have added, please feel free to email me at Lrayburn@marykay.com.

May God abundantly bless each and every one of you, not just at Christmas time but always.

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