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Music jam planned in Blackey


Music in Blackey November 9. Any local talent is welcome to come jam with us! $5 cover charge. $4 with a non-perishable food item which will be donated to the Antique Alley senior food drive. This is being held at the Blackey Senior Citizens building starting at 6 p.m.

Been awhile since I’ve had any news so some of it is behind.

Margaret Nichols had to spend the night in Pikeville Hospital. She was having pain in her back and tingling in her arm, but all the tests came back fine. I’m glad she is doing okay and happy birthday to her. It was on Oct. 28.

I have a lot of birthdays to catch up on, so happy birthday to Autumn Campbell of Letcher. It was on Oct. 17. Brandie Back of Elk Creek had a birthday on the 18th, John Dixon of Carcassonne the 19th, Oakley Fugate of Carbon Glow, Ann Hite of Blackey and Patrick Wells of Lexington all on the 15th, Michelle Wilder of Crases Branch and Sherry Fugate of Blackey the 16th, Holly Hilton Hatton of Jeremiah the 23rd, Christie Smith of Elk Creek the 22nd, Amber Combs of Carcassonne the 24th, Cathy Williams Back of Blackey the 25th, Ellen Brown of Letcher and Mart Caudill of Blackey the 27th, Debbie Back of Elk Creek, Zachary Back of Knott County and Thomas Whitaker of Blackey on the 21st, Stanley Dixon of Elk Creek and Robert Fugate of Carcassonne the 26th.

Myrtle Miller of Blackey celebrated her birthday on Nov. 1, Sarah Back of Lexington, Mallory Patterson of Whitesburg and Preston “Rabbit” Halcomb of Blackey all on Nov. 2.

I’m sorry if I left anyone out. I hope you all had great birthdays.

Ruby Caudill had to be taken by ambulance recently to WARH. She is having problems with her gallbladder. She was able to come home that evening and is doing well.

My sympathy to the family of Robert “Bob” Collins of Blackey. He died on Oct. 16. Robert was 100.

Happy anniversary to Jackie and Darlene Jent Sexton of Elk Creek. It was their second on Oct. 22.

Courtney Adams of Blair Branch had to be taken to WARH the Tuesday before Halloween. I’m not sure what his problem was, but I hope he will be okay. He has had a lot of health problems lately.

Bruce Gilley had to be taken to WARH on the same day as Courtney, then he was taken on down to HARH. He was having chest pains and was in ICU for a few days. He is home now, doing better.

I hope Jo Halcomb of Ulvah is doing better. She recently had knee surgery in Pikeville.

Edith Johnson Fields of Whitesburg had to be taken to Pikeville a few weeks back. She was having mini strokes. They were keeping her for about three weeks so she could have rehab. I hope she gets better soon.

Happy anniversary to John and Melody Morton of Jeremiah. It was their 26th on Oct. 17.

Happy anniversary to Jim and Mary Flynn of Blackey. It was their 39th on Nov. 2.

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