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Music was great at Battle Royal III

To the Editor:

Saturday night, July 12, I had the pleasure of hearing some awesome live music at Battle Royal III in Blackey. The first band to perform was Wanted from Knott County. They rocked! The second band was Highway 610 from Pike County. They were equally as awesome.

The audience was comprised of young and old alike. They had come from all around the country to attend, one from as far away as Louisiana. We had a tremendous time.

I’d like to offer my special thanks to all of the band members. I’d like to thank the judges also: Mark Hogg, Erica Back, Phillip Breeding and Ancil Trivette from WMMT Radio. Thanks to our friends at Hometown Music and to Caleb Collins for the technical support. And I am sending a big thank you to Letcher Fire and Rescue and the Blackey Improvement Committee for all of their hard work and to the citizens of Blackey for allowing us to battle in their streets.

The first-place winner of the musical battle was the extremely talented group Highway 610.

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