Whitesburg KY

Music was great at Hillbilly Days

Hello everyone!

Grab a drink let’s sit and chat for a bit. Well, it may be a little longer as my heart is filled with so much I want to share.

There’s a movie called “Fifty Shades of Grey.” I have no idea what that means, but I do know there must be at least 50 shades of green in the mountains I love so much of eastern Kentucky as God wakes Mother Nature in the spring.

As I stood looking at the gracefulness of the mountains, the color of the trees ranging from light medium to dark green of the pines that has withstood the elements of nature and the beautiful sky, my heart overflowed with joy.

When we are young we really don’t realize God’s beauty that surrounds us. Then when we are older we learn to appreciate, or at least I have, what is before our eyes to see, and our ears to listen to the sounds, and to be able to feel the soft wind against my skin.

I have talked to a few people who have no desire to even go back to visit their homeplace, and I really can understand that sometimes memories are so bad that it can make you never want to return.

I was able to escape the bad things by turning to nature for strength, as a child.

When spring comes there’s a tug so strong in my heart and soul, that if there’s any way possible I will go.

I felt so bad that I couldn’t make up my mind to go or stay home, and when I fi- nally got everything decided to get everything together, I noticed a couple of tires looked low, so I stopped to have them checked.

After an hour and $500 less, I had four new tires, and was ready to go, by this time it was almost 4 p.m. I was pulling into the motel about 7:30 p.m.

Not long after that I was in a gown and never emerged from my room until the next morning, as I was tuckered out.

Saturday I did go to Hillbilly

Days, though I have to be honest, I thought about not moving out of the motel room. There’s a small creek out back at Whitesburg motel and I pulled back the curtains, opened the window and I could hear the birds singing.

Southern Ohio

Finally I got the energy to get in the shower and get started on my way.

Hillbilly Days was crowded as I knew it would be. The music was good. At least I was forced to walk, which I have needed for sometime. It was a beautiful weekend.

I was a wanton woman as I drove up a mountainside to visit Ricky Caudill’s mountain, to the Caudill kids’ old homeplace, and where Betty Kelly spent most of her childhood.

The homeplace is a very old house, but if you sit very quietly, you can visualize little children running through the yard and on the porch.

Betty asked me to go so I could tell her about it. As I sat on the porch it brought back memories how I loved the secluded feeling of living in the little house of Vernon Hogg’s, in between Roxana and Hot Spot.

I did some bartering while I visited Ricky. I traded DVD’s for shucky beans.

Now I have to think of an excuse so I can go back again.

I can really understand why anyone would be content living in such a beautiful surroundings.

I teased Ricky, saying that if I was younger, he would have to put a high fence all around his place. Oh what the heck am I saying, I would just climb that fence, unless it was an electric one.

Oh, to be able to live in a place where there’s no traffic buzzing by every few minutes.

Mattie Hall, I am sorry I didn’t get hold of you. Maybe in a few months I will be heading back that way.

Sunday evening when I walked in my house I had to laugh as my son Keith was standing at the kitchen sink which was overflowing with dirty dishes. He looked around and started laughing, saying, “I thought I had better get these washed.”

Les and Pat Wagner are spending time with some young, family children, going to ball games.

Pat called just a few minutes after I got home, so I told her that I had been to see the dogwoods and redbuds.

I haven’t talked to anyone so I am going to call to check on Doyle and Betty Ison and Johnny and Ann Calihan.

My sympathy goes to Green Calihan’s sister in the loss of her husband.

Until next time

To perform

Cross County Bluegrass will play at Country Cabin II in Norton, Va., on Saturday, April 25. The show will take place from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults and $1 for children 2 to 11 years old.

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