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Musicians gather at Old Time Fiddlers meeting

Southern Ohio

Hello again everyone!

Another week has gone by so swiftly it is hard to know which day it is! Before you know it we will be having frost and then Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas. Oh how I dread the long, cold months of winter.

I forgot to mention the first Sunday of September was Old Time Fiddlers at Miamitown. We meet each month in the basement of the fire department, and we really had a great turnout for this being a holiday!

We had 17 musicians. Bill Profitt a downhome mountain guy, stopped by for a while. It is always nice to see Bill. Also a special guest, Polly Ann Maucher, came.

Thanks to my friend Vickie Power for all her help.

It started off as a bad day for me, as everything I did from early morning seemed to go wrong. When we arrived at the door to the fire house the door wouldn’t open.

I walked across the street to another member of Old Time Fiddlers, and her son told me I would have to go to the front of the building or get one of the firemen to help me as his mother had the same problem with the door.

He warned me not to climb up the hill, that his mother had fallen, but I didn’t listen and fell and busted my kneecap!

Thanks to Sam Rowe for bringing medicine and a Band-aid to patch me up. It was nothing serious, just sore, and it didn’t keep me from dancing a couple of times.

Vickie and I went to a flea market called Treasure Isle which was formerly Turtle Creek. We didn’t buy very much, though I did get a DVD that I have been looking for called ‘Bridges of Madison County’.

For some reason, this is a favorite movie to me. I have the book. I also bought ‘On Golden Pond’, as I loved that movie.

Vickie didn’t feel like riding out to Flatland Bluegrass Barn, so I went by myself and was once again met up with Polly Maucher. We live a few miles apart and it really is too inconvenient for us to ride together.

It was a very pleasant afternoon and the music was good. Yes, I danced there too. I really enjoying dancing with Polly Ann.

Vickie was baby-sitting with her granddaughter, Katie Ledford, so I went to Hamilton, to listen to music once again.

The group there was excellent, as Warren and Judy Waldron, along with the other musicians did a great job. I was teased about being a long way from home.

There was a car show at Hamilton. I decided to take my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold and go see what was there. One car in particular I wanted to see was a 1932 Ford, and I want to say it is a beauty.

My little mountain mama Alma Whitaker’s son, Lavine “Bud” Whitaker, who lives in Texas, has been visiting his family. Before he left for Texas, a group got together for supper at a restaurant in Brookville, Ind.

Polly Maucher, Eveeda Ison, John and Ann Calihan were among the group. Johnny and Ann hadn’t seen Bud in years. A great time was had by everyone.

My sympathy goes out to Eveeda Ison and family in the loss of her sister, Lovell Day. I met Lovell at Letcher Manor Nursing Home a couple of years ago. Lovell was a very lovely person, and when she found out who I was, she told me that she and many others read The Mountain Eagle and enjoyed my column.

I watched the show on television called ‘Survivor’, and it was the first and the last time that I will waste an hour of my time. If it had not been for wanting to see Marisa Calihan, who is the daughter of Clay Calihan and granddaughter of Jewell Calihan of Hamilton, I wouldn’t have bothered watching it.

There was a jug head on there named Russell who treated Marisa unfairly. Would someone like to go to Texas with me and let’s show him a trick or two? I don’t know who is more upset, Polly Maucher, Shirley Wells, Lesa Calihan, or me.

Polly is really becoming a runabout as she is going on a trip with her son Keith Maucher, who is a truck driver. I bet she is going to be one tired person when she gets back. I know she is going to enjoy this trip.

I hope to see ‘Frick and Frack,’ Doug and Michael Ison, at Letcher County Day on Sept. 26 at the Community Center, 300 George Street, in Harrison.

I may even sing the song that was popular years ago, called ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand,’ especially for them.

It does not seem possible that time is already here.

Shirley Wells’s granddaughter Kayla Laxton entered a contest at Riverfest in Clarksville, Tenn., called Beaver Idol, and Kayla walked away with second place. Shirley was very proud of Kayla. It was so crowded that Shirley had to stand the whole time she was there.

Gwen Huff Farmer is still fooling around in her garden and yard, trying to get everything done while the weather is nice. Gwen is still in a lot of pain with her leg and may have to get a knee replacement.

Gwen’s brother-in-law, Hillard Halcomb, who is my sister-in-law Wanda Hall’s uncle, is really doing well after a total knee replacement.

Carl and Willa Mae Boggs spent a few days camping recently. Willa Mae was sick the whole time, and when she went to the doctor she found she has pneumonia. I hope she gets to feeling better. I really enjoy talking to her and Carl.

It seems my brother Richie Hall and Willa Mae both like to tell me they are having fall beans for supper.

Bruce Jones shared a mess of fall beans with Richie and Wanda. I told Richie that Bruce probably meant for Richie to send them to me, and Richie decided he would just fix them and eat them. Bruce is a very nice person. I met him a couple of years ago.

My daughter Anna Nottingham, her husband Scott, and girls Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn, will all be enjoying a weekend camping trip to Winton Woods. This will probably be their final trip for the summer. Scott and Anna have a huge Wildcat camper that used to be parked in my backyard. It is so large you could live comfortably in it.

My yard looks like a junk yard with my son, Keith Ballard’s cars and truck when he works on them. That is OK with me, I am just glad I have a place big enough for him to work. I have a concrete trailer pad where my children used to skate, and there was a basketball goal at the end where they played basketball.

Hello to a special group of people who meet at Ermine Senior Citizens Center, and thanks for reading The Mountain Eagle.

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall, my sister Loretta Church, and brother Wallace Lee Hall, and his wife Georgia at Letcher Manor Nursing Home. I hope I will be able to head for the mountains in a few weeks.

Once again the clock is chasing me so I’d better get this on its way. It seems I am always running behind time.

Until next time. Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, (513) 367-4682.

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