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Mustard is ready to pick

Greetings from a cloudy, rain-soaked Lorain. Yep, we have had two horrific storms this week, one Monday and one Wednesday. We got it all, thunder, lightning, hail, winds up to 70 miles an hour in some places and torrential rain.

Most cities and towns were under a tornado watch both times. Monday, a funnel cloud was spotted in Elyria, where our son and all his family live. It wasn’t far above surface. They were without electricity for several hours. Last night one did touch down not far from here, just more or less down and gone. Regardless of how short a time it was, it had to be a scary time for the ones near. That’s all for the weather, folks, now on to other news.

Had to replant bean patch Tuesday and before I got all covered, it started to rain. Wonder if these will come up? If not, I’ll just call it quits and buy what beans we need. Set out ‘mater plants yesterday and with the winds we had I was sure they would all be beaten into the ground. I was pleasantly surprised to see all standing tall and proud, except one, which was broken. Mustard is really growing well. I will be picking some to cook next week.

Jettie called. She and Chester live in North Ridgeville and both storms did quite a bit of damage in that city. But they were OK, just lots of water and debris.

I have talked to Jeanie this week, all seem to be doing well. Phil is just waiting for his eyes to heal so he can have new glasses made. He had cataracts removed.

Well, by the time this comes out, the Engle picnic will be just a memory. It’s Sunday and I’m anxious to hear all about it. I think this year will be only the third one we’ve missed since they started and that was before Grandma Engle (Red’s mom, Mattie) passed away, 1994. We would take our vacation Memorial weekend. Those were the ‘good ole days’. My mom was still living and I got to visit with her.

Red has gotten calls from his brother, Charles, and his niece, Carleta (Engle) Adams. Both of them are good about calling. I hear from Jeanie and Ron and of course from Chester and Richard, who both live near, but very seldom from Henry Warren or Anna Lea. I just hope they make it to the Engle Sergent picnic this year as I have a strong feeling one or more will be missing by next year. Hopefully not, but very possible.

I went to church with Bill and Redia Sunday past. It was “Bring a Friend” day. Their granddaughter, Meagan, also went. We stayed for lunch, which the ladies of the church cooked and served, lots of good down home cookin’. The church is located just on the next street over. I could have walked were I not lazy. I know several members as they have lived in the neighborhood about as long or longer than we have. Oh, Redia belongs to the Church of Christ and Bill attends with her.

Listening to weather news, it seems we are gonna git hit again. It’s already turning dark and beginning to thunder. They said Bedford and Bloomington, Ind., really got hit pretty badly yesterday. I hope everyone is safe, especially a dear friend, Nellie Banks, who lives in Bloomington. We are now getting rain.

Guess I had better finish this, Catharine just might get off early, which sometimes happens when they aren’t too busy.

Hope everyone is safe and well and wishing for all a happy summer. Don’t forget the Engle-Sergent picnic on Sunday, July 31, at Hill Top Park in Elyria, Ohio, from noon till 4:45 p.m. If anyone plays an instruments, be sure to bring it and if you sing, bring your voice. See you there?

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, wishing you lots of warm sunshine so all can enjoy cookouts, picnics and just visiting with family and friends.

Love, prayers and peace to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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